Campaign Kits

You put a lot of time, resources and effort into delivering your best work to your clients. This doesn’t always leave time for marketing your own agency.

Campaign Kits are white labeled materials, hosted within HubSpot’s Project tool, that you can use at every stage of your agency’s marketing funnel. Review the Campaign Kits by clicking “Start Project," then selecting the "Copy To My Projects" button to start customizing the whitelabeled marketing assets!

Curious about Projects? Projects is our brand new in-app productivity tool designed to help you plan your own campaigns. Projects was designed to help your team meet deadlines, achieve goals and learn new skills. Unlike other productivity tools, Projects comes with pre-populated marketing Templates, built by HubSpot experts, including these Partner exclusive Campaign Kit templates you can use to build out whitelabeled marketing assets, so you can start executing new marketing tactics without spending hours researching or in training.

Important Note - You must be set up as a Partner User to access these Partner Exclusive Campaign Kits. 

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    Supercharge your Sales Engine with HubSpot Sales Professional

    Everything you need to know to leverage, service and sell the all new HubSpot Sales Professional.




Growth Stack Demo Deck

Prove the value of the HubSpot Growth Stack in this extensive slide deck that breaks down each feature and methodology of HubSpot Marketing, CRM and Sales. Customize to fit your agency's services and specializations. Now available in French, Spanish and German!

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The Small Business Trust Index

Compiled from more than 50,000 ratings and reviews using the Net Promoter Score methodology, Alignable members were asked how likely they would be to recommend a major brand to another business owner. HubSpot was named the most trusted Marketing Automation and CRM software.

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State of Inbound 2017

HubSpot's annual State of Inbound report is chock full of data and metrics on the State of Inbound worldwide. You can use this editable version to drive demand for your inbound services, or pull into your presentations when pitching inbound. This is available as an Indesign file.

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Inbound Marketing 101

Use this webinar to show off your awesome Inbound Marketing work and show your prospects how you can deliver results.

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Surviving the Future

This deck will help you introduce Inbound Marketing as a way to differentiate and stay competitive.

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Trends, Tools and Techniques For the Modern Sales Process

This deck will help you introduce a new method of connecting with the modern buyer and how sales teams can use technology to help them identify the right prospects at the right time.

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CRM Promotion

The same Inbound revolution that rocked the marketing world has come to sales. These emails will help you promote HubSpot CRM to your clients and prospects.

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Collaboration is Required

Your audience will learn how a strong collaboration between sales and marketing can help your organization, increase ROI, improve close rates, boost morale, prioritize leads and share data and trends.

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Sales Has Changed

Today’s buyer has the power. We know this because we are all buyers. We have become masters of avoiding sales people - we block calls, filter emails, we can even conduct our own product research online! This deck will explain how sales teams can be successful in the modern age.

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How To Create Buyer Personas For Your Business

This customizable template helps prospects efficiently organize their research to create their very own buyer personas.

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Free Checklist: How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign

With this handy two-page checklist, your prospects will gain insight into all of the items necessary to maximize their return on investment for marketing campaigns.

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6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About

Studies show 73% of executives don’t believe that marketing drives demand and revenue. This ebook helps your agency prove the ROI of marketing efforts to your prospects and their decision makers.

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The 30 Greatest Lead Gen Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Generating leads is a marketer's single most important objective. Yet, only 1 in 10 marketers say their lead generation efforts are highly efficient and effective. This ebook provides 30 tips, tricks, and ideas so your prospect can start thinking about their lead gen efforts in those leads.

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Beginners Guide to CRM

We know everyone loves spreadsheet, but spreadsheets won't keep your prospects or clients afloat for long. This guide walks through how a customer relationship management tool (CRM) effectively can be instrumental in helping your client or prospect’s business grow.

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10 Powerful Inbound Marketing Charts

We all know inbound marketing is a proven methodology that helps businesses grow, but some of your prospects may be skeptical. This ebook showcases a comprehensive report that shows the impact inbound marketing has on businesses.

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SMART Marketing Goals Template

It’s never too early to start planning business goals for next quarter. This SMART goals template is designed to assist your prospects in setting their own marketing benchmarks for next quarter.

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Using Video with Marketing Automation

While both marketing automation and online video have been around for a while, few businesses have managed to effectively integrate the two. This ebook walks your HubSpot clients through how to effectively utilize video content with marketing automation.

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The Definitive Guide to Selling Better & Faster

In this guide, show your prospects and clients how a CRM system can accelerate their business’ growth, bring in profitable, happy customers, and enable their sales team to sell better and faster.

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How to Align Sales & Marketing to Achieve Total Buyer Engagement

In the customer focused reality, sales and marketing alignment is a pivotal point if companies want to provide a memorable and compelling customer experience. Show your clients how App Data Room can link sales reps with HubSpot for total buyer engagement.

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Enabling Sales Using PandaDoc with HubSpot

Using PandaDoc + HubSpot CRM enables sales teams with the power to close, turning deals into revenue faster. Show your clients the benefit of this integration with this ebook and pricing guide.

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HubSpot Overview Deck (Marketing & Sales)

Your one-stop-deck for all marketing and sales capabilities in the HubSpot Product. Services & Support, as well as Customer Success Stories are also included.

Use these slides in presentations and pitch decks to outline the tools that live inside HubSpot Marketing and Sales products.

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Hubspot CRM

Use these slides to help close new customers, or up-sell existing customers, on your sales enablement services such as CRM management, and more.

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HubSpot COS & Website Tools Deck

Screenshots and stats to help position a website redesign on the HubSpot COS and website tools.

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Competitive Guide: Marketo

Learn how Marketo compares to HubSpot. Quickly see key features and points to lean on when positioning HubSpot over Marketo. Partner Use Only. Do Not Share Externally.

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Competitive Guide: Pardot

Learn how Pardot compares to HubSpot. Quickly see key features and points to lean on when positioning HubSpot over Pardot. Partner Use Only. Do Not Share Externally.

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Competitive Guide: Eloqua

Learn how Eloqua compares to HubSpot. Quickly see key features and points to lean on when positioning HubSpot over Eloqua. Partner Use Only. Do Not Share Externally.

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Competitive Guide: Act-On

Learn how Act-On compares to HubSpot. Quickly see key features and points to lean on when positioning HubSpot over Act-On. Partner Use Only. Do Not Share Externally.

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5 Free Ebook Templates

There is a lot that goes into writing an ebook. This ebook provides the information your prospects or clients would need to consider when creating their own ebook. Use it as a way to highlight your services or as a framework for your clients or prospects to write their own. This ebook is available as a PPT or InDesign file.

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32 Enviable Inbound Marketing Examples

This ebook will offer inspiration to your clients or prospects who are feeling the itch to refresh their marketing campaigns, but unsure where to begin. We’ve collected 32 examples of truly enviable inbound marketing campaigns that you can co-brand as a PPT, PDF or InDesign file.

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How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

This ebook is built to help your prospects or clients formulate a plan whereby in ten minutes a day, they can monitor the social media information they need within a tight, streamlined strategy. This ebook is available as a PPT or Indesign file.

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How to Write an Ebook

This ebook was created to take away the mystery behind creating an engaging ebook. Readers will learn how to pick a topic their sales team will love, write and design content that keeps their reader engaged, and promote your ebook for measurable results. This is available as a PPT or Indesign file.

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