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Proposal Examples

A Collection of Example Proposals from HubSpot Partners

Drafting proposals doesn't have to be difficult

Let's face it, proposals are tricky. But they're not impossible to create. Sometimes, a little guidance can go a long way. That's why we've collected four proposal examples from some of our partners. You can download each below.
Though each agency below specializes in something different, these examples can serve as inspiration for anyone looking to draft a proposal. These proposals have unique organization and lengths. See which one works best for you. 

PCR Agency


PCR Agency specializes in inbound marketing and developing growth plans for their clients. It's proposal template is four pages long and explains how to cover goals, strategy, planning, and reporting. 



Nectafy is a growth content strategy agency that focuses on inbound marketing for clients across the US. This 13-page proposal outlines subjects like scope of work, measure of success, fees, and more. 

Weidert Group


Weidert Group is a full-service inbound marketing agency for industrial manufacturing companies. This 18-page proposal example outlines initial work, outgoing work, scope of work, and cost and timing, among others. 

Salted Stone


Salted Stone is a marketing agency specializing in digital solutions and consulting. This 25-page sample proposal goes into depth on subjects like scope of work, fees, timeline, portfolio, and experience. 

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