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Schedule meetings faster and forget the back-and-forth emails. Your calendar stays full, and you stay productive.

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Meeting scheduling made simple.

Don’t get stuck in a back-and-forth email chain trying to find a time that works for everyone to meet. With HubSpot’s meetings tool, prospects can automatically book a meeting with you or multiple people in your company. 

The HubSpot meeting scheduler works with the apps your team already uses, and is connected to your HubSpot contacts database, so every time a prospect books a meeting your database grows and stays in sync. Start booking more appointments with less hassle, and get your time back to focus on more important things.

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Eliminate the back and forth of meeting scheduling.

Give prospects the power to book meetings with you, and save hours of time on unnecessary emailing. HubSpot’s meetings tool syncs to your Google or Office 365 calendar, so prospects can always see your most up-to-date availability.

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Offer flexibility with round robin and group links.

Let prospects schedule time with multiple people with group meeting links, or use a round robin meeting link so they can meet with whichever rep’s schedule works best. As prospects schedule meetings, they’ll automatically be added to your HubSpot contacts database, so your database grows and stays organized.

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HubSpot meetings module embedded on a web page

Book more meetings by emailing or embedding your calendar.

Get more meetings and leads by embedding your calendar on your website — no coding required — so prospects can conveniently schedule meetings directly on your website. If you’re emailing with a prospect, include your calendar link in your email to make scheduling appointments convenient.

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Use the appointment scheduler to automate your sales process.

When you have high quotas to hit, managing your prospects can feel impossible. Take the manual work out of appointment scheduling to free up more time to close deals. Send prospects your appointment booking link so they can book directly on your available calendar.

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Book more appointments with less hassle by letting prospects book a meeting time that works for both of you. HubSpot's meeting scheduler syncs with Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar.