Treat customers like people, not numbers

Customer service software that makes customers happier, keeps them longer, and grows your business faster.

Respond Faster

Add live chat and bots to your website so you can help your customers right now, when they need it. Send help documentation immediately, or get them in touch with someone for instant support. Reps can even record short videos, use customizable email templates, or send canned responses to reply to customer questions in half the time.

Respond Better

With a universal inbox that aggregates all customer communications and service history, every rep can provide knowledgeable support to every customer. For complex issues, add routing and automation to tickets so they can be tracked, prioritized, and assigned to the best possible member of your team -- so no customer slips through the cracks.

Help Customers Help Themselves

Reduce customer service inquiries by turning the most frequently asked support questions into a knowledge base of help documentation. Knowledge base articles are automatically indexed in search, so answers are Google-able, too.

Turn Customers Into Promoters

Hear what your customers really think by deploying surveys that capture qualitative and quantitative feedback. You can even kick off automated customer marketing emails or internal notifications when a customer provides feedback that requires immediate action. Then use that customer feedback to shape product development, inspire marketing campaigns, and improve your sales and service experience.

Build a modern customer service system with HubSpot.

Customers today don’t tolerate scripts, queues, or robotic service. They demand knowledge, speed, and genuine human interactions. Are you ready to give it to them?


Service Hub is exactly what we’ve been looking for. When you add value for customers, you simultaneously grow your own business. Your customer succeeds, and so do you.


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