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Customer Service Software That Puts Customers First

Build a delightful customer experience and grow through customer success with easy-to-use customer service software. Service Hub is connected to HubSpot's full CRM platform to help you deliver authentic service and turn customers into promoters.

Greater efficiency. Real-time visibility. Happier customers.

Meet customers where they are, when they need you.

  • Use live chat to help your customers in real time and automatically route them to the right people
  • Support customers 24/7, automate busy work, and scale your live chat conversations with a chatbot
  • Easily resolve issues across multiple channels, and seamlessly switch between them within one inbox
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Get the context you need to help customers succeed.

  • Automatically track customer details and interactions with your business in one source of truth that’s accessible to your whole team — thanks to HubSpot’s fully integrated CRM
  • Access a 360-degree view of each customer to provide knowledgeable support 
  • Connect team email, live chat, Facebook Messenger, and more to a shared inbox so everyone has the visibility to manage and reply to conversations in one place
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Drive team efficiency better than ever.

  • Keep track of customer requests in a unified help desk so your team can stay organized, manage tickets, and prioritize work
  • Reduce response time with custom email templates and ready-to-go help documentation
  • Stay in sync with your team and boost productivity on the go with a mobile inbox
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Empower customers and turn them into promoters.

  • Help customers help themselves by turning the most frequently asked support questions into a knowledge base
  • Ensure customers easily find help on Google with knowledge base articles that come structured to rank well in search
  • Give customers a voice through surveys, and use their feedback to shape product development, inspire marketing campaigns, and improve the customer experience
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You succeed when your customers do.

Customers want knowledge, speed, and genuine human interactions. See why businesses use HubSpot to find solutions faster and exceed customer expectations.

Start growing your business through happier, more successful customers.

HubSpot Service Hub helps you put the customer first with tools that enable your team to connect with them when and how they want to.

Free to start. Affordable as you grow.