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Throughout 2021, we will feature a platform-level (HubSpot CRM Platform) campaign each month that includes partner training, client-facing resources like webinars and email templates, and more, to help you sell the platform. Consider this page your homebase for all of those campaign resources. And remember to check back each month for newly added resources.

What are Flywheel Campaigns?

Each month, HubSpot Marketing will focus on a core component of the CRM Platform in the form of a campaign. Think of them as monthly subscription boxes. We'll look at buyer pain points, HubSpot differentiators and provide you platform-level training, shareable content like product webinars, sales tools like competitive decks, and more that can spark conversations with prospects and close deals.


Our CRM Platform campaign for September and October are focused around INBOUND and the event theme of HubSpot's Enterprise CRM.

We have brand new content, training and a timeline on what to expect with this campaign over at our INBOUND for Partners page.

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This year at INBOUND 2021, HubSpot announced some noteworthy products and updates. These include; Operations Hub Enterprise (coming soon), Payments (open beta), Sandboxes, and more.

Take this partner exclusive walkthrough of the latest updates.

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New Sales Asset

Are you ready to create a seamless, end-to-end experience for your customers - all the way through the purchasing process? With HubSpot Payments, deliver a better buyer experience and seamlessly collect payments in less time, with fewer tools, directly within your CRM.

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Remember, if you're a platinum, diamond or elite partner and are a user of Seismic, you can view these resources there as well, including exclusive materials.

Previous Campaigns

Check back on previous campaigns throughout the year and continue to leverage the resources in your selling.

Upcoming Campaign Selling Kits

Here is a sneak peek at what's to come this year.

  • November: CRM-Powered Marketing

Learn More About CRM Platform

Want to dig deeper into CRM Platform? Visit our How to Sell CRM Platform page in the partner resource center to find everything you need.

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