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Accelerate your go-to-market efforts with scalable resources, tools and approved messaging so you can market with HubSpot.
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What is Partner Marketing Central?

Marketing Central is a self-service repository that hosts a collection of customizable resources designed to expand customer reach and drive demand for your offerings.

Below there are two categories:

1. Marketing Briefs (exclusive for platinum, diamond and elite partners)

2. Partner-ready campaign offers and promotional materials

Exclusive for platinum, diamond and elite partners

HubSpot's 2023 Marketing Briefs


Get exclusive access to the same marketing briefs that HubSpot's marketing team uses to plan content and campaigns, so you can align your own marketing efforts to market with us, together. 

By clicking the CTA to the right, you’ll find resources that help align your marketing efforts with HubSpot, so you can save your marketing team time on content strategy for your business with high impact topics and themes.

Seismic Access Required

In order to access this brief, you must be a platinum, diamond or elite partner with access to Seismic. If you don't have access, visit this page for instructions. Note: review the FAQs if you have trouble.

Note: if the CTA below doesn't work, you may need to first login to Seismic.


Access Briefs in Seismic

Have you published remarkable content?

HubSpot is seeking partner content (videos, blogs, guides) that align to the core messages, products and personas that we're targeting in 2023. Submit your teams content for a chance to be featured by HubSpot

[NEW] Industry Guides to Customer Connection in the Age of AI

Get the Insights

Available for all partners

Partner-Ready Campaign Kits & Offers

Customize and launch campaigns, with ready-to-use content offers and promo kits (some offers may include emails, landing page copy, solution briefs, social copy, and more.)

Guide to CRM-Powered Marketing

A guide that explores and explains how to harness the power of your data and turn your CRM into a revenue-generating marketing machine.

Make a Copy

Pillar Content Strategy Deck

A presentation deck to use at live events, webinars, or client calls. Make it your own with your branding, or use as is when presenting webinars.


Beginners Guide to Inbound Leads

In this guide, your prospects will learn what a lead is, why you need lead generation to grow, how to qualify, and why inbound is the best approach.


The Ultimate Buyers Guide to Choosing the Right CRM

Generate net new leads who are looking at migrating to or implementing a new CRM withThe Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right CRM.


Guide to ABM with HubSpot

Use this partner-ready campaign kit which includes a top-of-funnel blog, bottom-of-funnel guide to ABM and HubSpot along with promotional copy.


The Complete Guide to Sales Prospecting

Generate net new leads who might be interested in Sales Hub and your sales enablement services with The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting.


Growth-Driven Design ebook

A co-branded ebook focused on the topic of growth-driven design. Use this as an early stage offer that can turn into a growth-driven design retainer or CMS Hub conversation.

Website Grader Widget

Download and co-brand the website grader tool, to generate more leads to help build a pipeline of quality prospects who might be a good fit for CMS Hub.
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Customer Service 101 Guide

Generate net new leads who might be interested in Service Hub and your services with The Ultimate Guide to Customer Service 101.

Ultimate Guide to RevOps Strategy

This guide will help attract inbound leads who are interested in RevOps, operations, and process improvements. This will pair well with conversations about Operations Hub.

The Complete Guide to Integrations

Learn about integrations and how they can help your business grow by adding the necessary functionality to your existing software with The Complete Guide to Integrations.

Best Practices in HubSpot Reporting

This guide outlines best practices when it comes to reporting in HubSpot and using the various reporting tools across the platform.

ROI Calculator for Partners

Looking for a tool to help generate leads or one that can enable your sales reps to better consult prospects on the ROI of HubSpot? Partners can now embed HubSpot's ROI Calculator onto their own sites.
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HubSpot Payments

In this campaign kit, you'll find 'the essential guide to HubSpot Payments' fully designed and ready to co-brand, along with a full set of campaign assets and copy.

ABM & HubSpot Campaign

In this campaign kit, you'll find two campaign offers related to HubSpot's ABM products, along with landing page copy and more.


Co-brandable Sales Collateral

Want to leverage the same proven sales collateral that HubSpot reps use, but wish you could add your branding to it? Now you can co-brand our top sales collateral and use as your own in your selling.

Co-brandable Crisis of Disconnection Report

Co-brand HubSpot's latest research report on the 'crisis of disconnection.' You can add your logo, add an overview page for your business and then download and put the report behind your own landing page.

Available for all partners

HubSpot Advocacy Program

Are you publishing HubSpot related content or promoting HubSpot through your channels? Get rewarded for your efforts through our HubFans Advocacy Program, with exclusive opportunities for partners.

What is a HubFan?

1. A HubFan is a customer and/or partner that loves helping others.
2. HubFans are creators, thought leaders, practitioners, and power users. They know first-hand how HubSpot can help businesses grow better.
3. HubFans get a seat at the table. They're incredibly knowledgeable advocates who grow their brand with HubSpot and love to connect with others.

Program Benefits

The HubFans program is inclusive of customers, power-users and partners. By completing advocacy challenges, you'll receive points and climb the leaderboard, which opens up opportunities such as being an INBOUND correspondent. 

But, we'll have exclusive challenges and rewards just for solutions partners. This might include getting your how-to video featured on our YouTube channel or your blog backlinked in our content.

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Become an Advocate & Get Rewarded

In order to submit your content for rewards, you'll need to first create a 'community profile' using your partner email address. Once you have that, you'll be able to join the group and view 'challenges.'