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Solutions partners are now able to embed their very own website grader on their own website to generate leads in their own CRM. Learn what it is and how to use it.

Start Generating Leads in Minutes

What is Website Grader Widget?

Website Grader Widget is a lead generation tool built exclusively for HubSpot solutions partners and providers that leverages the same functionality as HubSpot's well-known grader tool, but allows you to:

  • Quickly embed your own version within your website
  • Co-brand the widget with your own branding
  • Generate leads within your own CRM with their associated website scores that will help fuel better conversations.

With Website Grader, you'll uncover an overall website score, as well as scores for: SEO, performance, mobile, and security. These scores will be associated with your leads contact records in your CRM. For help setting up the widget, check our knowledge base.

Why Use Website Grader Widget?

  • Generate more leads to help build a pipeline of quality prospects who might be a good fit for CMS Hub.
  • Creates compelling talk tracks to use with your prospects on sales calls, where you can directly show them where they're missing the mark and how you can help them improve.

Get Your Website Grader Widget

  1. Add Website Grader Widget to your website by clicking the below CTA
  2. Make styling, branding, and form field changes to fit your brand.
  3. Add the embed code where you need it on your site. (knowledge base article)

Get Your Own Website Grader Now

  • Within 30 days of adding Website Grader Widget to our website, we were able to convert a lead and turn it to closed won with a website project on CMS Hub along with a marketing retainer!

    John Heritage



  • As a partner I see the HubSpot CMS as one of the greatest growth opportunities over the next few years. Now with a tool like the Website Grader I can easily kick off the conversation around the CMS with potential clients. In only a matter of minutes I was able to enhance my CMS focused content by embedding the widget. This now gives me a simple and effective way to generate new leads.

    Daniel Norris

    Founder & Owner

Best Practices and Resources

Leveraging Website Grader is a great way to not only generate leads, but have better conversations with prospects and customers on their biggest pain points. Below are some best practices and useful resources for engaging with these leads.

    • Create a kickback email for your grader form which includes their website score breakdown along with a CTA to book a free consultation with you on how they can improve.
    • Provide them helpful resources in a follow up email. Include the following academy lessons; improving your web strategy, enhancing SEO, topic cluster course, and more.
    • Create sales templates and train your reps to screenshot grader scores and include them in their sales follow up emails.
    • Showcase websites built on CMS Hub by browsing
    • Share case studies like this one from Foleon
    • Note: remember, your leads website scores will be associated with their contact records in your CRM! 

    A prospect with the following scores are likely a good fit for a conversation about CMS Hub and your services:

    • Under 70 overall
    • Under 20 for performance
    • Under 6 for security
    • Under 26 in mobile
    • Under 20 for SEO

    Check out our knowledge base article for help setting up your widget

  • Get started with some of our pre-built email templates for various scenarios. Paste these into your templates for reps to use when they need them.

  • Sales reps will find this tool extremely helpful in their selling process. Below are some tips and tricks for your reps:

    • The simple fact that a prospect filled out the Website Grader form means they are thinking about their website's performance and primed for outreach. 
    • Their scores on each category can help you highlight an area that CMS Hub (and your expertise) can help them improve, and enable you to proactively reach out to catch their attention.
    • If you're already actively working a prospect, but struggling to move them along, you can fill in their site yourself and show them the results and convince them to change.
    • Best practice: screenshot their score and send a follow up email with their grade directly in it.
  • Service and Customer reps will find this tool extremely helpful in their retention, advising, and cross-sell process. Below are some tips and tricks for your reps:

    • If a customer shows low adoption and usage of the HubSpot tools, you can show them where they're missing the mark and advise them where to focus their attention based on their scores.
    • If a customer is using Marketing Hub or any other HubSpot products, but has yet to buy into CMS Hub, you can run their site through the grader to show them the value of switching (cross-sell).
    • Increase the need for your services. Even if they're not ready to switch, their low grades could open the conversation for your services to help them.
    • Best practice: screenshot their score and send a follow up email with their grade directly in it.
    • Follow up: send them the Academy lesson on 'optimizing and improving your website'

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