B2B Growth Bootcamp

Co-hosted by HubSpot for Startups and AWS

This three part workshop series is designed for high-growth companies looking to learn how to scale their sales and marketing for better growth.

Feb 2 | Feb 3 | Feb 4
2.00 PM SGT | 11:30AM IST onwards

Limited Seats Available

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About the Bootcamp

As an early-stage startup, nailing your customer experience is key to your growth as you scale your venture in 2021 and beyond. The way your prospects and customers like to buy and engage has tremendously changed, and you'll need to adapt quickly to build out effective and scalable processes.

HubSpot for Startups and AWS are coming together for a series of live hands-on education, practical exercises, and self-paced certifications where you will learn how to elevate your customer growth efforts.

To maximize your learning outcome, you should expect to invest approximately nine to ten hours between Feb 2nd to Feb 4th for this hands-on series.


This series will feature:

  • Best practices to build and implement technical, sales & marketing process for B2B Startups
  • The flywheel approach to attracting, engaging, and delighting your prospects and customers
  • A Q&A session with curated startup experts to get all your growth questions answered


  • Session 1: Building your App from Idea to Minimum Viable Product ( 2pm SGT ) (AWS )

    Early-stage startups are time and resource-constrained and need to quickly get to product-market fit. This session is for startups who want to find out the best ways to build their minimal viable product (MVP) on AWS. You’ll get an overview of how startups build MVPs using services like API Gateway, Amplify, Lambda, Managed Kubernetes on AWS, Lightsail, and Database options. After this session, you’ll be able to pick the right technologies and use pre-configured architectures to speed up your development.

    Session 2: Building Features and shipping your MVP (3pm SGT)

    Build features as per your MVP requirements. Eric Ries (author of The Lean Startup) tells startups to adopt a Build → Measure → Learn feedback loop. Ries says, “The fundamental activity of a startup is to turn ideas into products, measure how customers respond, and then learn whether to pivot or persevere.“ Startups that are able to execute the Build → Measure → Iterate cycle fast are the ones that succeed.

    In order to execute fast, you need to be able to build tech that can evolve as your requirements evolve. Once you’ve built out all the remaining requirements it’s time to get user feedback. To ship our web app, we can use the Amplify Console. The AWS Amplify Console provides a Git-based workflow for hosting full-stack serverless web apps with continuous deployment.

  • In times of uncertainty, sometimes the initial vision has to make way for something new. But startups are flexible and perhaps the time has come to put that skill to work. This session will dive into what it takes to effectively to pivot to a remote sales strategy.

    The session will include:

    • How to build your sales process and the best practices of inbound selling 
    • What has changed in the buyer's experience and how to build trust 
    • Tools to help you track prospecting and your customer's journey 
    • How to implement some best practices and sell with insights and data 
    • Actionable next steps, including the Inbound Sales Certification


  • An effective marketing strategy can transform your startups' growth trajectory and inspire your audience to quickly become your customers. Whether you are a team of 2 or 200, this session will dive into how you can build a first-class marketing strategy that scales with you.

    This session will include: 

    • Audience segmentation and persona building 
    • Best practices for successful email marketing
    • How to scale your marketing efforts with automation and personalization 
    • How to build trust by transforming your website with a competitive edge 
    • Actionable next steps, including Inbound Marketing Certification



  • DSC_0093

    Megha Bhattacharya

    Growth Specialist, SEA, HubSpot

    Megha has more than 6+ years of experience working with technology start-ups and SaaS companies like Tableau & OutSystems in Singapore & Dubai. She's been with the Singapore team at HubSpot for the past 1 year and her focus is on helping companies in India & SEA to grow better using principles and best practices of inbound marketing, digital sales, and customer experience.

  • 0 (22)-1

    Mark Birch

    Principal Startup Advocate APJ, AWS

    Mark is a community builder, software entrepreneur, business development expert, and startup advisor based in Singapore and NYC. He is the founder of DEV.BIZ.OPS, helping to build thriving developer communities. He is also the founder of the Enterprise Sales Forum, a global community of 25,000 B2B sales professionals that meet in-person and virtually through local chapters to share ideas, network with peers, and learn new skills.

  • BTantiansu-Headshot

    Beverly Tan

    Senior Customer Onboarding Specialist, HubSpot

    Bev Tan is a Senior Customer Onboarding Specialist in HubSpot Singapore, with a strong focus on onboarding startups in Asia. She primarily focuses on making sure her customers see success in the HubSpot platform, be it in the realms of marketing, sales, or customer success.

  • Sathish Hariharan

    Sathish Hariharan

    Solutions Architect, AISPL

    Sathish Hariharan is a Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services Startup Ecosystem team. He has spent more than 15 years in the IT services industry building enterprise applications for global customers. He has also built cloud-native technology Startups in the Education-Tech space before joining Amazon. At Amazon, his current role is to help startups build and improve their solutions and technical architectures on AWS

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