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    Meet Bart, Chief Inspiration Officer at 1nspiring

    This Amsterdam-based startup is helping startups with their business creation.

What is 1nspiring?

1nspiring helps entrepreneurs with their business creation by structuring ideas and thoughts into doable actions.

"Together, we lay the foundation for their startup's success."

What are some of your greatest achievements since founding your company?

"We've been in 10 countries in the last 16 months to run our program."

We've developed a platform to support our partners in business creation and published our method in a playbook.

How did HubSpot help you to achieve those goals? 

Two years ago, I started with HubSpot through an accelerator program in Amsterdam, Startupbootcamp. I tested all the features and began to use HubSpot to manage my contacts and company records. 

What is the most valuable aspect of HubSpot?

The HubSpot CRM and email tracking!

What is your advice to other founders who struggle to prioritize marketing and sales?

Start with HubSpot! Analyze all your data and define your value proposition and customer segments. Try to find a perfect fit, knowing that sometimes, it is better to focus on one segment instead of ten. Learn all the way. Go all the way.

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