The future looks bright! Based on your answers, it’s clear you have ambitious goals for your career. Use this time to find an internship where you can gain industry knowledge and develop your passions. The checklist below highlights some skills to focus on as you seek out opportunities and continue to grow over the next five years. Within each section, you’ll find customized content to help you score the perfect position and set yourself up for future success.



Network Like a Pro

Starting the job search can be daunting. Often it may feel like it’s more about the people you know than your abilities. In this blog post, learn how casting a wider, more open network can unlock opportunities you may not even know existed.

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The Ultimate Resume Checklist

There are few things more dreadful than updating a resume. Despite all the little details you need to add, rephrase, check, and double-check, somehow you always seem to discover a typo once it’s too late. To help you stay focused, follow our in-depth checklist -- free resume templates included!

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Cover Letter Template

There’s a lot of speculation around the art of a cover letter. How long should it be? Do hiring managers even read them? In this blog post, we’ll break down a successful cover letter piece by piece.

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The Secret to the Perfect Cover Letter

What if the secret to the perfect cover letter was not writing one at all? In some cases, you may be better suited to create a website, SlideShare, or something even less traditional. For inspiration, check out some of our favorite alternatives to the classic cover letter.

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The ABCs of Personal Branding

When preparing your social media accounts for a job screening, there’s a big difference between cleaning up your college posts and truly establishing a personal brand. Get the inside scoop on marketing yourself to hiring managers.

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Check out the HubSpot Academy

Prepare yourself to excel at your job and refine your resume with an impressive certification. Learn more about how this free online course can impact your job search with an Inbound Certification.



So Good They Can't Ignore You

By Cal Newport - This book shows how shifting your career mindset away from simply “following your passions” can change the way you work.

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The Last Lecture

By Randy Pausch - As you begin your career, remember the importance of living in the moment and enabling the dreams of others.

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By G. Richard Shell - Assess your current beliefs about success and learn to focus on what gives you meaning and excitement.

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Play to Your Personality Strengths

“I’m just not good at interviews … ” Is this you? While few people actually enjoy interviews, there are ways to adapt the situation to fit your personality. When you learn to shape the interview to your strengths -- whether you’re introverted or extroverted, visual or auditory -- you’ll be able to make your unique working style and strengths shine.

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The 10 Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them Perfectly

Some interview questions never change: Where do you see yourself in five years? How do you handle stress? What questions do you have? No matter how repetitive the questions are, learn how to stand out in each of your answers.

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Close the Deal

You’ve got the interview. Now’s the time ace the visit and close the deal on your dream job. Learn the unexpected ways to impress on your interview day, accept the offer, and negotiate your salary.

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Nail Your First 100 Days on the Job

Now that you’ve scored the job, know that the hard work is just beginning. The first 100 days are critical for future success at a company. This guidebook will show you how to make the most of your first months, including tips from successful employees on setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and forming relationships with coworkers.

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Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Questioning if you’re good enough? Don’t worry -- we all experience times of doubt and unworthiness, even those far along in their career. In fact, this feeling of being “found out” is so common, we’ve got a name for it: impostor syndrome. As you take on more responsibilities, be prepared to let go of your inner perfectionist and fight this tendency with open dialogue.

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We know what the feeling is called. We know others suffer from it. We know a little bit about why we feel this way. And we now know how to handle it: Invite it in and remind ourselves why it’s here and what it means.
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How to Be Insanely Productive

It won’t take long in your new position before you start wishing there were more hours in the day. To help you navigate the challenges of time management, this guide covers the cause and effect of workplace procrastination and provides practical steps to accomplish more in your day.

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Eye-Opening Lessons for Working (and Living) Adventurously

There’s no better time to reflect on the “why” behind your career than when you’re starting out. In this emotion-packed episode of The Growth Show podcast, Rick Ridgeway, Patagonia's VP of Environmental Affairs, shares how to work and live with purpose.

Don’t be so fascinated with climbing the corporate ladder that you’re not delivering what it takes to get up there.
What No One Tells You About Your Career When You're 22

Navigating a career can be a challenge, no matter what stage you’re in. We’ve gathered applicable advice to help you accelerate growth, learn from feedback, and network meaningfully.

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