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The Rise of the Chief Customer Officer in Australia

How Australian Business Leaders are Prioritising the Customer Experience

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The Rise of the Chief Customer Officer: Key to Business Success, or Just a Superficial Figurehead?

The exponential rise in the importance of the customer and the customer experience has been occurring for some time.

Companies not only need to have customer centricity embedded in their DNA, but have internal teams aligned and unified around the customer.

To achieve that, many companies across Australia are employing a Chief Customer Officer. 

But what impact does the role really have on both the customer experience and a business' growth trajectory? 

New data:

9 in 10 Australian leaders agree that the Chief Customer Officer role is necessary to improve the relationship between an organisation and its customers.

500 Senior business decision makers surveyed
4 Contributing CCOs
Insights from Australian leaders
Data on the impact of the CCO in Australia

The customer experience can't be owned by a

single department

A Chief Customer Officer can align teams to design a unified go to market strategy that is rooted in the customer's needs

Buyers have changed the way they buy, and so businesses have had to change how they go to market.
With a rise in demand for exceptional customer experience, organisations without a great product, convenience, and a seamless digital experience won’t succeed.
Customers expect this digital experience from all industries and the past year has brought a major digital-first shift, with a priority on improving the customer experience across marketing, sales, and customer service.
The role of the Chief Customer Officer is necessary to improve the relationship between an organisation and its customers

In this report, you'll hear from:


There are two major trends that have led to the rise of the CCO role...

Yamini Rangan

Chief Customer Officer

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First, how you sell is more important than what you sell. Today’s buyers have more information than ever at their fingertips and this has dramatically changed the power balance between buyers and sellers.

Second, delighting customers is more important than winning customers. The customer journey starts, not ends, with the sale.


Don’t create a culture where the customer experience is perceived as being owned by one team...

Claire Hopkins

Chief Student Experience Officer


Every team within your organisation is responsible for the customer experience, and the collective effort is what keeps them choosing you.



A CCO needs to be a customer steward, a CX catalyst, a strategist, a data visionary...

Rachael Powell

Chief Customer Officer


A CCO needs to be a customer steward, a CX catalyst, a strategist, a data visionary, a behavioural psychologist and a change agent.

Needs are constantly changing in fast paced, high growth environments and it’s the responsibility of organisations like Xero to be ahead of the curve, anticipate customer’s needs before they even know they need them and make decisions quickly whilst bringing people along on the journey.

Todd Stevenson

View data as an asset, but from a decision-making perspective, 80% is good enough...

Todd Stevenson

Chief Member Outcomes Officer


Make a decision and just get on and do it. That's one of the other pieces of advice for this role, because it's new, you do need to just get on with it, don't wait for anyone or for perfection, just figure it out.

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