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Want to learn how to create and share a payment link?

Check out our recent knowledge article for a step-by-step rundown.

Interested in learning more about HubSpot Payments?

Check out our Pocket Guide to Painless Payments for a deeper look into all our Payment features and recent FAQs.

“Giving them quick and easy access to payment links has been a big benefit. It’s made their lives a lot easier, and it’s freed me up to do more lead generation. I spend more time producing content, co-marketing, and creating more deal flow.”
Gray MacKenzie
“The power of having a CRM that connects your customers, touchpoints, communication, marketing, and payments in one place can’t be overestimated.”
Ryan Jeffrey
“HubSpot helped us take a complex process that was driving us crazy and make it simple. It’s super easy to create the links that people need to pay. It opens up a lot of possibilities.”
Angela Florez
Apps Without Code

Disclaimer: As of right now, payments is only available to U.S. customers, but HubSpot is actively taking feedback from our customers to understand which other countries want to use payments.

Are you an international customer?

Check out our app marketplace for payment apps that can integrate with HubSpot to accelerate and simplify your payments process. Leverage your customer data across all your sales transactions.

Want to learn more about Stripe?

Watch our on-demand webinar on Crafting a True Customer-Centric CRM where we interview Kate Jensen, Head of Platform Sales.

Want to learn more about HubSpot Payments?

Find the answers to commonly asked questions in our Knowledge Base article.

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Enabling B2B Ecommerce With HubSpot Payments

The Complete Guide to B2B Ecommerce

Enabling B2B Ecommerce With HubSpot Payments

At HubSpot, we’re always developing new ways to help our customers grow better, with seamless, user-friendly solutions that live inside our all-in-one CRM platform.

During INBOUND 2021, we announced the launch of HubSpot payments, an end-to-end payment solution built to deliver more delightful and connected B2B ecommerce experiences.

HubSpot payments, known simply as “payments” in the HubSpot ecosystem, enables companies to accept payments confidently and seamlessly in less time and with fewer tools.

Payments simplifies online sales and payment processing simultaneously so your business can:

  • Quoting and Contracting: where the merchant comes to an agreement (contract) with the buyer about what they are buying, how they’re buying it, and when they will buy it.
  • Billing and Payment: where the merchant charges for the product or service the buyer agreed to purchase, and the buyer pays the merchant within a specified payment period.
  • Accounting: where the merchant stores a copy of what they are owed (invoices) and what they have been paid (sales receipts) for tax and payroll purposes.

The best part? We built payments natively inside of HubSpot, so your business can easily accept digital payments without writing a single line of code or relying on clunky integrations.

Our Most Powerful Payments Features

Payments includes an array of commerce-focused features. We’ve built everything from flexible payment links you can create and share in seconds to the payment object that allows you to auto-trigger workflows when customers make a purchase.

Payment links

Payment links are the most flexible, lightweight way to accept payments directly from your HubSpot CRM. You can generate payment links inside of your HubSpot portal and share them with your customers anytime, anywhere — no coding required.

Create a payment link for a single product or a bundle of products, then display it on almost any channel. Once you create a new payment link, you can share it by:

  • Embedding it into your website
  • Adding it to a landing page
  • Emailing it directly to your customer
  • Pasting it into a live chat session
  • Associating it to a meeting scheduling page
  • Collecting payments after your customer submits a form

Wondering what the checkout page will look like to your customers? That’s completely up to you! Our customizable interface ensures the entire checkout experience aligns with your brand by allowing you to pull logos, brand colors, and images from your HubSpot portal or website.

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Recurring payments

The recurring payments tool makes it easy — and painless — to process repeat payments right in HubSpot. It allows you to easily send out multiple bills to the same customer over a set period, or simplify the way you sell and manage subscription-based services.

Each time you set up a recurring payment, you’re automatically creating a subscription record in HubSpot, which adds yet another valuable layer of customer data to your CRM. Rather than manually tracking recurring payments and subscriptions across your customer base, you can use these new records to create lists and workflows that streamline follow-up actions.

Use your new workflows to send out automatic notifications before payments are due. You can also schedule timely reminders for your sales reps to reach out to customers at the end of each subscription term.

Payments’ customizable automation tools and consistent internal follow-up notifications ensure an easy, effortless buyer experience across each and every payment cycle.

Payments natively embedded in quotes

When you’re ready to get the big deals done, you can use payments to streamline your sales process and delight customers. Start facilitating convenient one-time and recurring payments by embedding the payments interface directly with your sales quotes.

These tools look impressive to your buyers, but they don’t require a heavy back-end lift. Payments is natively embedded into HubSpot for instant, easy access right from the quoting tool. No external integrations required.

Whenever you generate a new quote in HubSpot, payments enables buyers to accept it and enter their payment information in a single step. This means a more modern, streamlined experience for them and a simpler, faster quote-to-cash process for you.

Payment object

HubSpot’s brand new payment object stores each buyer’s transactional data when they submit payment through quotes or payment links.

Because it’s a CRM object, the payment object can be used in automation and reporting across your HubSpot portal. Here are some of the ways you can use the payment object to automate in HubSpot:

  • Send emails, onboarding documents, and meeting links 
  • Auto-assign tasks to an onboarding representative after payment is collected
  • Sync payments with paid invoices in Quickbooks Online
  • Notify customers of a failed payment or processing error as soon as they submit
  • Enroll paying customers in segmented lists based on the links they use to pay
  • Ping another system to fulfill an order the moment after a successful payment
  • Create QuickBooks invoices and sales receipts

Plus, even more ways to sell…

  • Meetings Drive revenue from consulting, and ensure everyone is accurately paid for their time by associating payments with your meeting scheduler.
  • Forms Collect payments directly through a form submission by simply adding a payment link to the form on the landing page.
  • Emails Add payment links to CTA buttons so customers can go straight from an email to the checkout page and complete their transaction in minutes.
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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

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How We Built Payments

Many payment software vendors require complex integrations or reliance on an external payments platform. So, you may be wondering how we developed a seamless payment solution directly in HubSpot.

We partnered with Stripe, leveraging its industry-leading infrastructure and digital payment features to help our customers enable fast, secure, and reliable payments — all without ever leaving HubSpot.

Stripe provides the underlying infrastructure for HubSpot’s built-in payment features. This enables secure processing, transmission, and storage of sensitive payment information.

Even though payments is a native CRM solution, HubSpot does not directly capture or store such information. We only surface certain tokenized or partial information on transactions within your HubSpot account. [Learn More]

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Setting up HubSpot Payments

Our new, native payments tool is not the same as the HubSpot-Stripe integration, which means you can’t use an existing Stripe account to set up HubSpot payments.

When you set up payments, you’ll navigate to Stripe to enter a few details about your company and verify your identity. You don’t need to create a new account or log in to Stripe after that.

The Benefits of HubSpot Payments

  • Quick and Easy Setup → Ready to set up HubSpot payments? Enroll online in just 15 minutes. Then, it typically takes us 2-3 days to review the submission. Once approved, you can start accepting payments in seconds right inside HubSpot.
  • Increased Payment Flexibility → Payments makes the purchasing process quick and easy for your customers, and it allows you to support more payment options than most external tools. With payments, you can accept ACH and credit cards, and offer more flexible terms for recurring payments.
  • Enhanced Personalization Features → A commerce-powered CRM not only increases customer data visibility; it also allows you to tap into the power of the HubSpot Framework to create seamless, personalized digital experiences based on the data and other insights you collect through payments and all other CRM activities.
  • User-Friendly Design → We built payments to make selling online as simple as possible, eliminating the need for disjointed tools and clunky integrations. This solution is easy to use since it matches the consistent, user-friendly HubSpot UX that folks already know and love.
  • Accelerated Processing → Wave goodbye to paper-based checks, invoices, and payment records, and meet fewer processing errors and faster pay. Straightforward interfaces and consolidated processing tasks modernize the B2B buying experience and make it easier for your customers to buy online.
  • Cross-Functional Alignment → For years, teams have used HubSpot to break down silos between marketing, sales, service, and operations. Now, it's time to streamline front office and back office processes with centralized payment tools. Payments is just one way the HubSpot ecosystem helps businesses grow better, together.
  • Integrated Reconciliation → Sync payments collected in HubSpot to QuickBooks Online account as paid sales receipts or paid invoices based on your business requirements. Using a different accounting software? Super admins can simply export payment data from HubSpot and upload it into your preferred accounting system.
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