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HubSpot customers with Marketing and Sales Hub see a 144% increase in deals closed after 12 months, compared to 58% for those with Sales Hub only or 51% for those with Marketing Hub only.

Ready to automate your organization’s marketing-to-sales handoff?

Learn the ins and outs of lead management, scoring, and auto-routing with HubSpot Academy’s Lead Management course. 

Start Scaling with Sales Playbooks

Playbooks are a great way to standardize best practices and guide sales reps through different selling situations. Use HubSpot’s free playbook templates and examples to start building yours today.

“Before, there was tension between marketing and sales because we were working towards different goals. Marketing was trying to get as many sales-qualified leads as possible while we were trying to close more deals. Now that we’re on the same platform, it’s easier to work more collaboratively.”
Ritu Hokkanen
“The biggest benefit of HubSpot is that all your data lives in it; you see the same customer information as the sales team and vice versa. It gives us a new level of confidence.”
Patricia Portik
“With HubSpot, we could get everyone under one system of record with built-in collaboration tools like tasks, comments, and shared reporting. It was a great choice for our cross-functional teams because it didn’t just serve sales alone.”
Dakota Hebert
“We needed a single customer view and source of truth that allowed us to personalize at scale. With HubSpot, we could get that source of truth and have everything feed into it, and this would allow us to really enhance our customer communications and experience.”
Jobeth Harvey
“HubSpot houses all the information about a customer, including every touchpoint, under one roof, so everyone’s looking at the same thing. It makes the handoff between teams easy.”
Lindsay Rothlisberger
“We can solve something or build something in a day or less that would have taken weeks in our old software. Our speed to adapt and change processes is way faster.”
David Askvig
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Smarketing with HubSpot's Sales and Marketing Hubs

The Power of Smarketing

Smarketing with HubSpot's Sales and Marketing Hubs

Looking for a seamless, consistent, and reliable experience that will delight your customers and empower your employees? 

With HubSpot’s multi-hub solution, you can conquer your team’s greatest smarketing challenges with ease. 

Combine the power of Sales Hub and Marketing Hub to give teams a mutually beneficial toolset that eases internal friction and improves customer satisfaction across the board. Together, HubSpot’s Sales and Marketing Hubs help your teams:

  • Develop data-driven customer experiences and increase cross-team visibility.
  • Align messaging behind a unified brand voice and personalize content across touchpoints. 
  • Automate outreach to ensure a seamless customer experience from first site visit to deal closing. 
  • Unite teams behind a single source of truth; continuously adapt smarketing efforts to customers’ needs.
  • Measure the ROI of every smarketing effort, so you know what’s converting and what’s not.

Centralize marketing, sales, and services operations inside an all-in-one solution designed to help your teams grow better, together.

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Your Multi-Hub Smarketing Toolbox

Hubspot’s Marketing and Sales Hubs feature an array of cross-functional smarketing tools, from comprehensive contact records to advanced automation technology that streamlines lead handoff and reporting.

Tools to help you automate

Use the powerful automation tools in Marketing Hub and Sales Hub to manage lifecycle stages and lead status, automate lead rotation, and schedule sales tasks or internal notifications in seconds. Our favorite multi-hub automation tools include:

  • Lead Scoring: Use data from previous customer experiences to optimize your sales and marketing outreach. Work with marketing and sales to define lead scoring criteria, then use automation to connect your sales team with qualified, ready-to-act buyers.
  • Custom behavioral events: Develop personalized customer journeys that convert using high-intent behavior triggers. Create custom behavioral events that trigger follow-up actions as soon as leads take a certain action on your website or reach out to your smarketing teams.
  • Chatbots and live chat: Improve users’ experiences by automating conversational touchpoints with scalable tools that support customers and give employees valuable time back in their days.
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Tools to help you synchronize

HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales Hubs give your teams a comprehensive view of their most valuable sales and marketing data, from contacts to active deals and current marketing events. Our favorite multi-hub synchronization tools include:

  • Omni-channel activity tracking: Meet customers exactly where they are with tools that seamlessly connect the dots between smarketing channels, maintain a running record of conversations, and centralize customer data. 
  • Account-based marketing software: Attract high-value accounts and improve relationship-building with personalized engagement tools and a shared Target Accounts dashboard that keeps your sales and marketing teams on the same page.
  • Reporting and analytics: Create custom reports and dashboards to monitor progress toward shared goals, keep an eye on ROI for each campaign, and dive into the details of cross-functional performance.
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  • Conversation intelligence: Supercharge collaboration efforts, bring customer intelligence data directly into your CRM, and introduce coaching tools that speed up training and improve employee performance.
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