Product Update: Content and Domain Partitioning

Some exciting updates on content and domain partitioning are now available. These changes are based on customer feedback and they make the setup of these features easier. Read more about them in this blog post.

What is changing?

On February 19, we rolled out 4 key changes to better support customers who want to partition their content in HubSpot using team assignments:

  1. Content and Domain partitioning rules no longer need to be enabled via the “Manage tools using partitioning” setting. Instead, the permissions are enforced as soon as they are set in the Content tools or the Domain Manager.
  2. By default, all content and domains in a portal are visible to everyone in the portal until partitioned. Previously, unassigned content and domains were only visible to admins.
  3. To encourage the use of teams, an individual user can only be given access to a specific piece of content if it is already shared with at least one team.
  4. Members of parent teams can now assign content and domains to any of their child teams. Previously, this functionality was only available to admins.


Why the change?

After learning from customers, it became clear that the setup of these features was a consistent roadblock.

To find out who this change impacts, read more on our product updates blog!