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This is your one-stop-shop for all #HubPartner resources. You'll find links to useful resources to help you market, position and service as an agency partner.

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Resources to help you drive leads and differentiate your agency, improved support for your own inbound events, and access to user communities where you can be rewarded for your inbound expertise.

Impact Awards
Get the recognition you deserve for all of your remarkable client work. All partners can apply for an Impact Award for a chance to win top honors and be recognized by HubSpot to stand out from the competition.
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Promotional Guidelines
Find promotional details here if you’re looking to hold an inbound marketing-themed event, promote your partnership with HubSpot through a press release or blog, or are interested in using HubSpot brand elements.
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Directory Profile
Find your niche and get found by prospects. Establish your specialization, list Impact Awards, and showcase client reviews with your HubSpot Partner Directory profile, now live for all partners.
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HUG Leadership Opportunities
HubSpot User Groups (HUGs) are free in-person regional meetups for local marketers and salespeople to network and learn together. As a HUG leader in your city, you have the opportunity to boost yourself and your agency as thought leaders. Applications are open on a semi-annual basis.
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Inside HubSpot Marketing
An exclusive behind-the-scenes webinar series with the HubSpot Marketing Team. This series will take you through each facet of inbound marketing, how HubSpot does it and how you can apply it to your agency.
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Marketing Library Listing [Gold+ Only]
Contribute your marketing offers and templates to HubSpot’s Marketing Resource Library. Generate leads for your agency by hosting your content in the go-to resource center for marketers worldwide.
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Partner Event Speaker Support [Gold+ Only]
Check out the partner speaking support guidelines for details and transparency around requesting a speaker for your event.
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Write for HubSpot's Blogs [Gold+ Only]
Take advantage of HubSpot’s blog and reach. Gold, platinum and diamond partners can write for the User blog, where HubSpot customers learn new ways they can make the most of the platform. Diamond partners can also request to write for the Marketing blog.
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Tools, trainings and incentives to help you win more new business across the entire growth stack.

Product Resources
Find useful assets that will help you sell and service with the HubSpot products. These resources are organized by Hub so you can easily find what you need.
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Sales Skills Bootcamp

Led by David Weinhaus, the Sales Skills Bootcamp aims to help you identify pain points, qualify value and charge higher fees for your services.

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Pipeline Generation Bootcamp

Led by Dan Tyre, the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp focuses on building a high quality pipeline full of inbound sales opportunities.

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Revenue Share Forms

Make sure you have all paperwork completed so that you can get paid revenue share on the deals you sell.

W-9 Form
ACH Form

Sales Services Training Center

Learn how to expand your agency's services into sales. This site page is the "single source of truth" that brings all sales services-related training and content into one page.

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Pricing and Packaging Your Inbound Services
The set of lessons in this course will teach you how to define, price, promote, and deliver inbound services. 
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Partner Lead Notifications

Get deeper insight into your leads' activity. Receive an email notification when one of your registered leads takes a high-value action on such as "Request a demo" or "Installed the HubSpot CRM."

Contact your Channel Account Manager to enroll your agency in this program.

Lead Registration
Register the leads your agency generates within your HubSpot partner portal. Lead registration limits vary by tier. It ensures that your prospects have one sales process with you at the helm and HubSpot as your support,  securing commission on deals you originate.
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Partner Test Portal

Agency Delivery teams can use the Test Portal to learn about advanced HubSpot features in a hands-on setting. Agency Sales teams can use these portals to improve client demos. Test Portals are currently LIVE for all partners.

Click on the dropdown in the top right corner of your partner portal and select your test portal, which will be labeled as “test-portal-agencyURL.” 

Free Trial of Marketing Hub Enterprise

Use a 30-day free trial to implement HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise for your client or prospect so they can experience its value first hand.

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Partner Collaboration [Silver+ Only]

Special co-selling opportunity for our tiered agency partners. When a tiered agency partner registers a lead that already belongs to HubSpot, they will be able to co-sell with HubSpot’s direct sales team and earn a commission when the deal closes.

Talk to your Channel Account Manager for more details.

Biglytics Demo Portal [Platinum+ Only]
Show HubSpot's full potential using this demo environment. It represents an ideal customer with all the common marketing, sales, and services challenges you hear every day. Available to platinum and diamond partners only.
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Better service your clients with a birds-eye view across all your accounts, access to priority support, and the ability to add new value through integrations.

Access to Sales Hub and Service Hub

Get free access to your clients' portals in order to help them to set up and manage the tools.

Details here >>
Guided Client Onboarding Timeline

Have you sold your first client? Congratulations! You will find some guidelines to help you get them started with HubSpot on this page.

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Tier Dashboard

Within your Partner Portal, you can view your current tier status, median of your app usage across accounts and Partner Certification status in a clean, easy to consume dashboard.

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Priority Support

Priority access to an experienced and specialized Partner Support team - on the phone and through your self-purchase portal.

Just press 5 when you call.

CRM Migration with Trujay
This exclusive partnership with Trujay allows HubSpot agency partners to serve your clients faster by migrating anything to the HubSpot CRM.
Details here >>
Priority Beta Access [Gold+ Only]

We'll give you access to the latest HubSpot betas, automatically, once you reach gold status.  Get ready to test drive our latest products!

Apps for Agency Services Program [Platinum+ Only]

We've worked closely with some of our top HubSpot Connect Partners to provide platinum and diamond partners the opportunity to deliver more value to your clients through access to Connect software for free. Through the program's unique access to 25+ free Connect solutions, you can truly use and understand each one before offering to service it for your clients. 

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A better way for you to manage skill development for your team through enhancements to the Academy app and a role-based training curriculum.

Inbound Mastery Bootcamp

A month-long Inbound fundamentals accelerated bootcamp designed to deepen your inbound knowledge and help you use your HubSpot portal.

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Agency Expert Webinar Series

Hear from thought leaders in the agency space to learn about trends and strategies for successful agency growth.

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Partner Certification

This certification will provide a comprehensive introduction on how to market, sell, deliver, and grow your agency with inbound and HubSpot.

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Role-Based Training

Partner-specific and role-based agency trainings help you scale your team and your business via an intuitive and learning focused experience within the app.

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Agency Account Management Essentials

This 2-day in-person course is an adapted version of HubSpot's employee onboarding program. It provides agency account managers with the knowledge they need to effectively manage accounts and consistently drive value for their clients through inbound marketing and the HubSpot platform.

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Partner Facebook Group

Join the discussions in our private HubSpot Partner Facebook group, and share knowledge with your partner peers.

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Partner Slack Team

If you're not yet a member of the HubSpot Partner Slack team, request access here to join the conversation with other partners and HubSpotters.

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HubSpot Community Forum

Interested in becoming a thought leader in the HubSpot ecosystem? Want to expand your brand and highlight your expertise? Join the HubSpot Community. Click the link below, then click "Sign in with HubSpot" in the top right corner.

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