Partner Day @ INBOUND Announcement | The HubSpot Certified Trainer Program

Are you interested in training your clients and prospects about inbound marketing and the HubSpot platform?

We hear you! We are pleased to announce the revamped HubSpot Certified Trainer Program (formerly known as the HubSpot Accredited Trainer program)

What is the HubSpot Certified Trainer (HCT) Program?

The purpose of this training program is to empower agency partners to teach the inbound methodology and HubSpot platform to their prospects and clients by offering trainings and workshops as a part of their service offerings. We aim to share the knowledge, processes, and content of HubSpot Academy with those who wish to teach inbound and HubSpot.

The goal of the HubSpot Certified Trainer is to reach new networks of people with that knowledge and while doing so, the program aims to increase the reach of HubSpot Academy, HubSpot and inbound.

Who can apply for HCT Program?

  • Gold, Platinum, Diamond agency partners are eligible
  • Partner employees who are Inbound, Inbound Sales, HubSpot Marketing Software and HubSpot Sales Software Certified

What are the benefits of the HCT program? 

  • Training: On-demand "train-the-trainer" curriculum to help HCTs become top-notch educators
  • Resources: Provide academy-designed curriculum, slide decks, activities, surveys, and more to help HCTs create their own education
  • Visibility: HCTs will be able to use the "HubSpot Certified Trainer" badge to market their services, they'll have visibility on their profile in the Partner Directory, and a calendar to promote their training
  • Community: A way to connect with other HCTs and education professor
  • HUG Leadership: In 2018, the opportunity to lead a HubSpot User Group will be exclusively open to HCTs. This is a great way to connect with existing HubSpot customers in your region. 

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