HubSpot Extends WordPress Plugin to WP Engine

In 2014 we launched the HubSpot WordPress Plugin to help businesses built on WordPress attract, engage and delight their prospects and customers. This plugin enables thousands of WordPress customers to use HubSpot’s CRM and free tools.

Today, we’re excited to announce another update with our WordPress plugin. HubSpot is extending the WordPress plugin to WP Engine to allow brands and agencies to easily connect their WP Engine websites to their HubSpot account. This will offer users of WP Engine’s digital experience platform an analytics dashboard, ease form creation, help demand generation, and let them see everything about their contacts in one place.


Why WP Engine?

  • They’re one of the leaders in SMB WordPress hosting.
  • They’ve shown exceptional growth combined with their top-notch customer service and company culture, which is a clear commitment to customer-centricity.


What does this mean for your agency?

  1. One-third of the internet uses WordPress. We’ve found that users who use our plugin activate and retain at a higher rate than the average marketing free signup. This means better retention for your WordPress clients.
  2. With HubSpot’s move toward a platform, we want to empower customers to use the tools they want to use while using HubSpot as the central hub to grow their business. This gives your clients more flexibility and choice, without jeopardizing a holistic customer experience.
  3. For clients who are using WordPress, but have yet to try HubSpot - this offers an opportunity to introduce the power of a central hub to grow and manage their customers.
  4. Clients using WordPress can reduce the number of plugins, which reduces security vulnerabilities and the likelihood of plugins conflicting with each other.

Who gets this feature?

This feature is available for all WP Engine users who use a StudioPress Pro theme then install the latest version of the HubSpot plugin.

This partnership is yet another way that we’re giving our shared customers choice and flexibility while still using the HubSpot Platform to manage the entire customer experience. For more information and resources about the HubSpot WordPress plugin, visit the partner resource center.