Introducing HubSpot for Shopify

Today is an exciting day, we officially launched our native Shopify integration. The fundamentals of inbound marketing are a perfect match for ecomm and there is a long history of ecommerce marketers using HubSpot and inbound to personalize their marketing at scale, save time, and build a brand through content and social media. That just got a whole lot easier with the launch of the native Shopify integration.

How does it work within HubSpot?

The integration will create a new Ecommerce Pipeline within your portal for all of your ecommerce deals syncing with Shopify. The integration also includes three pre-built workflows that are accessible from directly on the Ecommerce Integrations page.

These workflows will allow you to welcome new customers, address customers who have an abandoned cart, and re-engage customers that haven’t bought in a while. Additionally, integrating HubSpot with Shopify gives you access to a new Ecommerce dashboard, so you can analyze how deals are moving through your pipeline and share your success with your team (or your clients!).

If you're ready to install, navigate over to the integrations library within HubSpot. 

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