New Apps for Agency Services Program

The HubSpot Connect team is very excited to announce the launch of the new Apps for Agency Services Program for Platinum and Diamond partners.

This program is specially designed with both our Agency and Connect Partners in mind. It will help you to differentiate your services offerings from the competition, as well as help our growing number of powerful integration solutions tap into a new channel to resell their software.

Ultimately, the program brings HubSpot Connect partners’ software into Platinum and Diamond partners – for free. Whether you decide to deploy video marketing offerings or build a webinar services package, the Apps for Agency Services Program aims to make it easier than ever for you to try, learn, and resell software that integrates with HubSpot’s software stack.

>> Check out the program page to learn more and sign up for free access to participating Connect Partners' software! <<

App for Agency Services Program


Not a Platinum or Diamond partner?

Agencies should not only encourage clients to take advantage of software integrations, but they should offer integration solutions and services around them and help clients adopt a platform approach to doing business.

With that in mind, the HubSpot Connect team is very excited to announce the launch of over 25 new Agency Service Primers as part of the Apps for Agency Services Program. These primers will help you better understand how you can differentiate your set of client solutions and services to spark additional growth through the servicing of new technology solutions.

Note: This program effectively replaces the Agency Preferred Pricing Program, which was retired on April 16th, 2018. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to