New Google Search Console Integration Now Available

SEO today requires creating content for people, but optimizing it in a way that works best for search engines. One of the best ways to do this is organizing your content in topics, and using data to determine what to write about.

Today, with a new Google Search Integration, we've made this easier than ever.

The new Google Search Console integration brings important search data (such as average position, total impressions, and clickthrough rate) directly into the Marketing Hub so you see this alongside the content you are creating and use these metrics to make more informed decisions. This integration is now live to all customers with HubSpot CMS, Marketing Hub Professional, or Enterprise.

There are three primary ways you can use it for your agency or your customers' strategies:

Capture an Entire Topic with Related Search Queries

Within a topic, there are distinct subtopics that make up that content. This is important because two people may search for information differently, and will likely phrase their query differently. Google has become smart enough to figure this out, which is why we need subtopic keywords to answer every variation of a query.

Within Content Strategy, you can now easily see those top search queries:


Practically, this means as you create content for an overall topic, you can incorporate subtopic keywords, such as famous slogans above, into the pillar page, or create separate blog posts about.

See How Your Content is Performing on Google

With this integration you can now get three insightful metrics that can help you plan and adjust your strategy:

  • Average Position: The average spot in the list of Google search results where this page appears. The lower the number, the higher your page appears in results. This metric is measured across all device types and countries. If you use another SEO tool, like SEMrush, to measure ranking than it may appear different because of more granular tracking across device or location.
  • Total Impressions: The total number of times this page has shown up in Google search results.
  • Average Clickthrough rate: The total number of times people have clicked on this page in Google search results divided by the total number of times this page has appeared in Google search results.

These metrics are available for overall topics on the Content Strategy dashboard, but are also accessible in content performance so you can see individual topic-level details.

Optimize Content Based on Topically-Driven Keywords

One of the reasons we sunset our Keywords tool back in May was it relied on exact match keywords, which was an outdated view of how search engines work. Today, with the Google Search Console integration you will be able to see topically-driven keywords so you can optimize page content and ultimately show-up on the first-page of search results. 

Google’s Average Position metric is a better approximation of where you’re showing up because it takes into consideration all of the results - those across different devices, geographies, and even personalized searches:


What do you think of this new integration? Try it out and let us know how are you planning to use it to help grow your customers' organic reach!