Partner Day @ INBOUND Announcement | The New Renewal Management Dashboard

Get more insight into your clients' renewals in the new Renewal Management Dashboard.

Conversations about contracts around renewal time can be difficult. The more information you have about your clients usage of HubSpot, the more effectively you’ll be able to prepare for the discussions and ultimately retain customers.

We’re delighted to announce a brand new tool to help you and your team gain more transparency into your HubSpot client renewals.

This dashboard gives you insight into all your client subscription data in your partner portal, all in one place.


The renewals dashboard is a tool for partners to track information about their client's renewals and contact tier upgrades. We are providing this information to you, our partners, so that you can be better prepared for the renewal conversations with your clients.

Your renewals dashboard brings a host of need-to-know information and data-points about your customers into the friendly confines of your HubSpot portal. The dashboard can be customised by the partner to show additional and more relevant data to help HubSpot renewal managers better work with our shared clients.  

Partners can also drill into specific accounts to see more details about the specific renewal. When drilling into specific accounts, you can get more detailed information around the account usage and what triggered a renewal or upgrade.

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