Reimagining the Solutions Directory: Phase 1

This blog post was last updated on October 14, 2020 at 9:48 PM ET.

This month, we've begun a phased initiative to build a framework into the Solutions Directory that scales as our partner types expand. The end goal is simple: make it easier for customers to find the right partner for their needs. In the first phase, the directory will get refreshed look, customers will be able to find partners directly in app, and you’ll be able to manage your profile and reviews directly within your partner account. Read on to learn more.

With more than 78,000 customers across the globe and expanding product lines, our customers’ needs grow more diverse by the day. In parallel, our partner community has grown beyond just marketing agencies to businesses focused on a wide range of solutions. While our partners bend and flex to meet new demand, our Solutions Directory has remained stagnant. 

Today, the Solutions Directory consists of 4,700+ company profiles and 10,500 reviews with rankings highly reliant on partner tier. While tiers show depth in selling and servicing, they don't always translate to expertise. 

Starting in June 2020, and spanning several years, we’ll begin a phased initiative to build a framework into the directory that scales as our partner types expand. We’re moving towards a future where customers can make more educated decisions on partnerships with the help of authentic reviews and earned credentials that signal your track record in that area of specialty. The end goal is simple: make it easier for customers to find the right partner for their needs. 

We now have allocated product resources dedicated to improving and investing in the long-term success of the Solutions Directory, which means it has a stake in the ground as one of our product team’s top priorities for 2020. 

The first phase of this initiative focuses on re-platforming and migrating the Solutions Directory in app. When complete, the storefront (homepage) and profile pages will have a refreshed look, customers will be able to find you not just publicly, but also directly in app, and you’ll be able to easily manage your profile and reviews within your partner account.

What do we mean when we say we’re re-platforming the Solutions Directory “in app”? 

Currently, the directory exists as a web page outside of the HubSpot product. Bringing it in app means it’s linked in the navigation bar of every HubSpot account, naturally increasing HubSpot user exposure to the directory. It also means it’s part of the HubSpot product stack, which changes the code underneath to be hyper-focused on SEO. Bringing the directory in app also allows us to authenticate everyone who’s leaving reviews, which builds trust with our customers and improves the way we’ll matchmake in the future.

What’s included in Phase 1?

This first phase is segmented into six milestones detailed below. The changes we’re making in Phase 1 are intentionally subtle. We know how important directory traffic is for your business, so don’t want to disturb SEO and your lead flow as it is today. After each milestone, our SEO team will monitor organic traffic and rankings for five weeks to ensure it’s stable. If we see dips in SEO, we’ll revert the changes and re-evaluate our approach. For that reason, the timing of the milestones are fluid across the second half of 2020.


Milestone #1: Test design updates and data syncing internally.

  • What’s changing: This milestone is focused on internal testing of new designs and URLs, so you won’t notice any changes. 

  • Partner impact: None.

  • Timing: Completed June 5, 2020


Milestone #2: Redesign storefront (also known as the directory homepage) to emphasize search functionality for customers.

  • What’s changing: The directory storefront will be redesigned and brought onto the HubSpot product stack. Changes will include redesigned filters and profile cards, emphasized search functionality in the page header, and new sorting options.

  • Partner impact: You’ll notice a redesigned homepage to the directory.

  • Timing: Completed June 16, 2020


Side by side comparison of the newly designed storefront going live in June 2020.

Milestone #3: Redesign profile pages and add authenticity to our review system.

  • What’s changing: Profile pages will be redesigned and brought into the HubSpot product stack. Existing ratings and reviews will be migrated over too, and users will now need to log in to HubSpot to leave a review. This will help us create a truly valuable review system for customers.

  • Partner impact: Your profile page will have a redesigned look. Additionally, anyone who wants to leave a review for your business will need to log in to HubSpot first. As part of this release, we'll no longer be linking to a user's LinkedIn profile in their review. While we build this new review functionality in milestone #3, the ability to reply to reviews will be temporarily unavailable and will not be turned back on until milestone #4. Your main point of contact will be notified ahead of this pause.

  • Timing: Completed July 21, 2020


Side by side comparison of the newly designed profile pages.


Milestone #4: Create a new profile listing experience that caters to a global partner community.

  • What’s changing: We’ll release a new profile listing experience that allows you to edit your office location and provide specific street addresses. You’ll also have the ability to mark your office location as remote. Also, with the "Services provided" field, reviewers can select which services they received from you out of the same list of services that you can choose to include on your profile. This information won’t be displayed publicly with the review. If that changes, we’ll notify you ahead of time.

  • Partner impact: You’ll have access to the new listing experience within your partner account.

  • Timing: Completed August 26, 2020


Milestone #5: Migrate the directory fully onto the HubSpot product stack.

  • What’s changing: Redirects will be put in place for the directory homepage, along with each profile page.

  • Partner impact: You’ll now have a new profile URL on No fret, your current URL will automatically redirect to your new one.

  • Timing: Completed September 9, 2020


Milestone #6: Help users find a partner directly in app and make reviews easier to manage.

  • What’s changing: We’ll release the in app version of the directory, linked directly from the existing Marketplaces navigation. This means when you go to visit the directory, you'll be prompted to log in to your HubSpot account first. Additionally, directory reviews can be reported to HubSpot, replied to, and managed all in app. 

  • Partner impact: You’ll now be able to report reviews and manage reviews directly from your partner account, giving you more visibility and ownership.

  • Timing: Completed September 30, 2020

In app navigation

The Solutions Directory linked in app, under the Marketplaces navigation.


Consider this a home base for Phase 1 improvements to the Solutions Directory. We’ll be updating this page with timing as we reach each milestone, so bookmark this for future reference. 

If you have general questions, drop a comment below. If you have a question specific to your business or your profile page, please reach out to your HubSpot channel account manager (CAM) or channel consultant (CC).