[NOW LIVE] Reply to Reviews on Your Agency Directory Profile

Partners now have the functionality to reply to the reviews on your agency directory profile. 

We heard your feedback. You wanted a way to reply to the reviews your agency receives on your directory profile, and as of today, now you can. Whether you want to delight a happy customer or handle a client with a negative review, you now have the tools to respond in a timely and strategic way. 

You can respond to any review on your profile by following the steps in this knowledge base article.

Learn how

Replying to Reviews Agency Directory

Additional details:

  • This feature is live for all ]the localised pages of the directory (Spanish, French, German and Portuguese). 
  • In addition to replying to a review, you can also edit your reply or delete it. 
  • If at first you don't see your review or edit, please wait a minute and refresh the page. 
  • At this time, each review can have only one reply. That means your agency can’t reply more than once to the same review, and the reviewer can’t reply to your reply.
  • As of now, when you reply to a review, the person who left the review will not get a notification. This is something we are looking to add as a V2 of this feature. We recommend you follow up with your client directly to let them know about your reply.
Tips and tricks for replying to reviews from HubSpot’s Service blog:

Responding to positive reviews

  • Acknowledge them by name.
  • Show some gratitude.
  • Provide additional value.

Responding to negative reviews: 

  • Assess and evaluate the feedback internally first.
  • Publicly respond to the review.
  • Empathize and offer solutions.

More details and examples of responses to positive and negative reviews can be found in HubSpot’s Ultimate Guide to Customer Reviews.

Read our Reviews on HubSpot’s Agency Directory

Want to encourage your website visitors to check out your agency directory profile and reviews? You can now embed a directory badge on your site using this code: 

<a href="ADD YOUR AGENCY DIRECTORY PROFILE URL HERE?badge=agency-directory"><img src="https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/53/Agency-Directory-Colour-Small.png" alt="Read our Reviews on HubSpot’s Agency Directory"width="150px"></a>

Details and instructions can be found here