Revamped Agency Partner Certification course now LIVE!

HubSpot Academy is very excited to announce a revamped Agency Partner Certification course is now LIVE in the Learning Center and available as a track for all HubSpot partners!

What is the Agency Partner Certification?

This certification course teaches HubSpot agency partners how to strategically market their agency, sell more inbound retainers, deliver remarkable services, and how to grow their agency with HubSpot. Achieving the Agency Partner Certification is one of the requirements for becoming a tiered partner within the program.

How does this affect me if I’m already certified?

It doesn’t — until it’s time to recertify. For agencies who have already achieved the certification, your current certification is still valid. You’re just now tasked with taking the new certification course when you approach your certification’s expiration date.

Why update the existing certification?

The process of updating this certification course was motivated by the data, research, and direct feedback from the certified partner community. The plan was to amplify the content that resonates, identify opportunities for improvement, and mirror the certification course with the updated processes within the partner program.

What's covered in the course?

The Agency Partner Certification now features a slimmed-down track of 11 lessons, 4 hours and 45 minutes of video content, 4 partner interviews, a real demo from a CAM, and a 65-question exam.

  • Pricing and Packaging Client Retainers
  • Marketing Your Agency With HubSpot
  • Understanding Agency Selling
  • Identifying Quality Leads for Your Agency
  • Connecting With Retainer Prospects to Open the Conversation
  • Engaging Retainer Prospects With an Exploratory Call
  • Advising to Close the Sale for Your Agency
  • Delivering Services With Guided Client Onboarding
  • Managing Client-Agency Relationships
  • Growing Your Agency Team
  • Growing Your Agency With the HubSpot Partner Program

Are there plans for localization?

You bet. The process has already begun for localized versions of the Agency Partner Certification, including Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Do you have questions or feedback?

Awesome! The plan is to continuously source feedback for continuous improvement of all partner content, so take advantage of the survey that follows the course. Anyone can also send an email to Kevin Dunn at or find time with Kevin here.