How to Show Your Sales Hub Starter Clients the Power of Professional

Sales teams deserve powerful features that are easy to use. The newest improvements to our sales CRM deliver on that promise. Features like account-based marketing and improved engagement tools make it easier than ever before to unlock more growth for your clients when they upgrade from Sales Hub Starter to Sales Hub Professional.


In this blog post, you’ll:

  1. Get familiar with the newest Sales Hub Professional features
  2. Determine what value proposition resonates the most with your client
  3. Perfect the Starter to Professional up-sell pitch 


Get familiar with the newest Sales Hub Professional features

Sales Hub ranks 4.3 out of 5 on G2, and customers frequently reference Sales Hub’s ease-of-use, power, and best-in-class customer service as core differentiators against other CRMs and sales software on the market.


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These newest improvements make Sales Hub Professional the sales CRM your clients need:

  • Account-based marketing and selling (ABM) [available now]: Powerful new ABM tools unite marketing and sales teams to prioritize the right accounts, personalize outreach, coordinate engagement, and easily measure performance. Learn more in this 17-minute demo.
  • HubSpot mobile app improvements [available now]: Work and sell from anywhere. The all-new "Today" view lets you stay on top of your prospect activities on the go. Complete tasks in a few taps and send tracked emails effortlessly with email templates and meetings links. Plus, on iOS and Android, you can see key CRM information when you receive a call, so you’re always prepared.
  • Improvements to HubSpot’s powerful engagement tools [available now]: With the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, you can now seamlessly send requests and InMail from the HubSpot contact record while running a task queue. Plus, use sequences to save time on your most tedious tasks by teeing up a series of emails and follow-up tasks to ensure no prospects slip through the cracks. With the latest updates to sequences, you can now: bulk enroll and un-enroll contacts in a sequence in just a few clicks, pause sequences based on task completion, and add manual email sends or LinkedIn Sales Navigator tasks as steps.
  • Improvements to sales analytics reports [in beta, reach out to your CAM]: Explore HubSpot’s newest collection of fully customizable, out-of-the-box reports that you can edit and save to your dashboards. The sales analytics reports give you rich insights into the overall health of your client’s sales pipeline so you can coach and improve outcomes over time. Learn more in this three-minute demo.

Now, what steps can you take to achieve a successful up-sell? 


Determine what value proposition resonates the most with your client

Understand the product’s core value propositions with the Sales Hub Professional up-sell playbook, which shares details on how to evaluate fit, what story to tell, questions to ask, and more.

There are three core value props to upgrade a Sales Starter customer to Sales Professional:

  • Automate and optimize your sales process: This story is a good fit for accounts with a growing number of activities or users. 
  • Enable your team to sell at scale: This story is ideal for customers that are looking to take their businesses to the next level and increase their sales volume, boost productivity using tools like Sequences and the LinkedIn Navigator integration, and personalize messaging using recommendations and HubSpot Video.
  • Organize your data and report on your sales process: This story is best for customers that are looking for deeper insights into their sales process and want more control over reports, enhanced CRM customization, and data organization capabilities.


Knowing what story aligns best with your client will give you clarity on how to run the Sales Hub Professional upgrade motion successfully.


Perfect the Starter to Professional up-sell pitch

By using this three-minute up-sell pitch, you’ll be able to convey to clients and prospects that Sales Hub Professional is an all-in-one platform for growing sales organizations, that helps:

  • Orchestrate prospecting campaigns at scale
  • Grow teams without limits
  • Automate across the entire sales process
  • Create push button reporting across all sales data

Please note that sales analytics tools are in public beta. Reach out to your CAM to get access for your clients. The forecasting feature mentioned in this pitch is in private beta and unavailable at the moment. We’ll let you know when that changes. 

And finally, to make sure your Sales Hub Professional up-sell pitch sticks, share the Sales Hub Professional one-pager as a takeaway to drive home it’s key features.


If these updates have you excited about what you can do for your clients with Sales Hub Professional, stay tuned. There are more Sales Hub enhancements coming your way very soon.