The Latest Upgrades to the Solutions Directory

The Solutions Directory has new functionality that makes it easier for directory visitors to navigate through reviews, see a visualization of all your team’s Academy credentials, and click through to view your office location on Google Maps.

Please note this functionality is now live for in-app users (those who access the directory in-app), and will be live to public users within the next few days. 

New Reviews Display and Filtering

Ratings and reviews are one of the most valuable features of the Solutions Directory. They help visitors understand what it’s like working with a partner, and which might be a good fit for their needs. These newest features make ratings and reviews easier to navigate and more contextual for visitors.

  • Display services received on reviews: Reviews now display the specific services a partner provided to the reviewer. The reviewer can select up to ten services out of the list in the Services dropdown menu of the directory. If the review is from before services data was collected, service details will not be listed.

  • Filter reviews by industry, employee size, and services: When users are looking for a partner to work with, they want to see reviews that are most relevant to their company and use case. With this update, visitors can now filter reviews by industry and employee size (of the reviewer), as well as by the services received.

  • Display aggregate rating for a profile: As is standard for many sites with reviews, visitors can now see an aggregate view of how many ratings and reviews a partner has within each star rating (1-5).

As a reminder, if you think a client is misleading visitors of the directory with their review, please try to reconcile the situation directly with the client first. To take further action, you can dispute a review by clicking Report under the review.

If a review for your business is reported and the HubSpot team determines that it’s in violation of the Review Guidelines and Review Terms of Use, the reviews will be removed. Removal of the reviews could take up to a month.



Academy Credential Icons on Your Profile

Academy credentials are a marketable product that represent your business’s expertise. We recognize that part of marketing your credentials includes the visual representation of those skills on your profile, through branding and badges. 

We’ve reverted back to displaying credentials on your profile as badge icons (rather than text) to better visualize your team’s achievements to potential clients.


Google Maps Links

While some clients value working with a partner that has a physical office space, others are simply looking for a partner that understands their region’s nuances and is available to meet in person - physical meeting space or not.

Potential clients can now easily view your business’s locations on Google Maps by clicking the locations listed on your profile. This is available for all office location types, whether physical or remote. 

Check out this Knowledge Base article for more details about setting locations in your Solutions Directory profile.