Welcome to the New HubSpot Solutions Partner Program

You’ve been an insider since we first previewed this rebrand during Partner Day at INBOUND. But, now it’s finally public. Today marks the official rebrand from the Agency Partner Program to the Solutions Partner Program. Join us on February 12 at 9 AM EST for our virtual program kickoff.

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Today’s customers have high expectations. They don’t just expect a great product (which they do). They expect an entire end-to-end experience that’s fast and easy -- frictionless. Groceries at the door with the touch of a button. A new charger delivered overnight. A doctor to consult with over video in an instant. 

A simple customer experience is anything but simple to deliver. As businesses grow, they must orchestrate dozens of technologies and providers to deliver on their increasingly complex needs. Today’s average company uses over 75 pieces of software to power their business. According to new research from HubSpot, 62% of businesses work with between three and 10 service providers. And they’re still seeing gaps -- the number-one pain point of businesses working with providers and multiple pieces of software is that their business goals, service providers and technologies don’t align.

As HubSpot partners, you work with these businesses every day -- clients who have inadvertently created more internal complications, in the name of creating a frictionless customer experience. More systems, more data, more chaos.

That’s where you come in. The solutions partners and app partners (and those who are both) who make up the HubSpot ecosystem are the missing puzzle piece for growing businesses everywhere. You help customers align systems through one platform and provide the necessary expertise to create a seamless customer experience. And because each of you has built your business at least partially around HubSpot’s software and processes, it’s simple for partners of all backgrounds to come together to enable anything.

As HubSpot has grown into a platform that supports the entire customer journey, so have our partners. Ten years ago, the partner community was almost exclusively marketing agencies. Today, you’re part of an ecosystem of businesses that offer everything from marketing, sales, customer service, web design, CRM and IT services. That’s why, as of today, we’ve rebranded from the Agency Partner Program to the Solutions Partner Program. Today’s businesses need growth strategies that support the entire customer lifecycle. While your clients still need your help with marketing, they also need help beyond that. And when they come to you for that help, you’ll be ready. Because you now have the tools and resources to cover this within your niche, or tap into a broader depth of solutions partners and app partners to truly enable anything.

Our new core tenets of this program are: 

  1. Make it easier for you to grow better with HubSpot
  2. Make it easier for you to partner with HubSpot
  3. Make it easier for you to connect with HubSpot

During our upcoming Solutions Partner Program kickoff on February 12 at 9 AM EST, I’ll talk about all the ways our new program will make it easier for you to partner, grow, and connect with HubSpot and your customers. For now, here’s a sneak peek of what I’m most excited to talk about. 

  • Partnering with HubSpot and other solutions partners by getting credit and commissions when you sell new products to existing HubSpot customers, regardless of how the customer originated.
  • Growing better with us through your new HubSpot Demo Account, which gives you an individualized account with the full enterprise-level suite of HubSpot products, enabling you to become experts in and sell every Hub.  
  • Connecting with new customers through the partner directory, which will evolve to focus on expertise-based credentials to distinguish your strengths. 

I’ll also celebrate our new elite tier partners and announce our Global Partner of the Year and performance award winners. Add the event to your calendar to join us. If this time doesn’t work based on where you’re located regionally, you’ll be able to access the recording afterwards through HubSpot Academy.

As we officially become the Solutions Partner Program, I want to thank you, our partners. Over the past seven years, I’ve seen our program expand into different countries and regions, growing into a diverse ecosystem that helps our shared customers all over the world grow their businesses. Thank you for being an indispensable part of our ecosystem. In fact, we’re launching an entire campaign (starting today) to tell our customers and prospects about the power of our partner ecosystem. We’re so lucky to have a partner base that can enable anything, so our customers never have to grow it alone. Learn more.

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