Updates Coming to Marketing Hub Enterprise on November 1

If you watched Christopher O’Donnell’s product keynote at INBOUND, you already know: Marketing Hub Enterprise is getting a major facelift. On November 1, a lot of the new features will be available. Wanna know what’s coming? Keep reading!

Product Changes

Content Partitioning (NEW!)

Segment and set permissions for your blog, landing page, and web page content by attributes such as team, vertical, or region in a single HubSpot account.

Brand Domains (NEW!)

A new add-on to Marketing Hub Enterprise that allows you to add additional Brand Domains to your HubSpot portal that you want to host, publish, and partition content to. The cost of this add-on is $700 USD/month per domain.

Analytics Views (NEW!)

Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers can now create up to 25 unique analytics views to easily get access to the data you and your entire organization want to see. Analytics views enable you to break-down the sources report and filter by subdomain, URL path, or country.

CMS Membership (NEW!)

OK, so this update isn’t for Marketing Hub Enterprise, but we still wanted to make you aware of the changes. For HubSpot CMS customers, you will now be able to restrict content access to specific audiences like members, paying customers, or other groups using HubSpot lists.

Enhanced Social Permissions (UPDATED FUNCTIONALITY)

Admins of Marketing Hub Enterprise portals can now set draft only permissions for specific users within the social tool.

YouTube Integration (NEW!)

You can now report on the success of your YouTube Channels directly within HubSpot. With YouTube reporting in HubSpot, you can begin to track your overall YouTube performance over time and analyze how specific videos are performing against others, in the same system you use to report on the rest of your social channels.

Email Send Frequency Cap (NEW!)

Set safeguards to avoid over-emailing your contacts in a given time period. Marketers can now set a maximum number of emails each contact should receive in a defined timeframe, and the frequency cap tool will automatically stop sending future emails to contacts that meet that threshold. But don’t worry, you can easily allow high-priority messages to override your safeguards.

Pricing Changes

Alongside all of these new, cool features, as a reminder, Marketing Hub Enterprise base price is going up from $2,400 to $3,200. All existing Marketing Hub Enterprise customers will be given access to the new Marketing Hub Enterprise features at their existing, pre-November 1 price. You can read more about the grandparenting policy here.

We’re also introducing new product tier limits on November 1. When a customer hits a limit in the Professional product, for example, they will be promoted to upgrade to Enterprise. We’re making these changes to solve for two things:
  • Ensure quality of service and prevent situations where a few portals overload our system and slow the tools for the entire customers base.
  • Align the price we're charging to the value we're delivering. This concept drives pricing for all HubSpot products and ensures consistency.

You can find the limits for each feature on the Product & Services Catalog.