What's in a name?

No, this isn’t a Romeo and Juliet love story. We’re talking about product names.

On February 1, we will unify HubSpot’s distinct free product brands under one name, HubSpot CRM Free. This means we’ll stop using the distinct brand terms HubSpot Marketing Free and HubSpot Sales Free in favor of free marketing or sales tools within the HubSpot CRM. We’re not changing any of the products -- but we know firsthand that name changes can be tricky. So, as an extension of our HubSpot family and branding, we wanted to give you early notice so that you can begin to make any changes to your own marketing materials to match ours come February 1. 

Why are we making this change?

Marketing should reflect the customer experience. Our free marketing tools and our free sales tools are actually all features within the same underlying free product - the CRM. Whether people sign up for free marketing tools or free sales tools, they will experience those in the context of the full platform. An upcoming change in navigation (more details to come later) will make that even more evident. We’re unifying the names along with that UI change so we don’t have multiple names for one product.

Let’s get a little tactical. What are the visible changes? As mentioned, we’re phasing out names like “HubSpot Marketing Free” and “HubSpot Sales Free” in our marketing and moving to a unified free product name, HubSpot CRM Free. You, and your clients, will still have access to the same great, free marketing and sales tools within HubSpot’s CRM. And, your clients will still be able to sign up for specific free, point solutions like free lead flows. For example, the way we talk about a solution like lead flows will now be “lead flows tool within HubSpot’s CRM.”

Here's another example:

Name change blog.png

How do these changes translate to your marketing?

We’re recommending you replace existing brand mentions with copy variations that make the most sense for your agency’s marketing. Here are a few guidelines to put this into context:

Current Naming

Recommended Updates
  • HubSpot Marketing Free
  • Marketing Free
  • HubSpot's free marketing tools
  • Free marketing tools
  • Or, in some cases, remove the mention all together 
  • HubSpot Sales Free
  • Sales Free
  • HubSpot's free sales tools
  • Free sales tools
  • Or, in some cases, remove the mention all together 

We are here to support you if you have questions about this change. Free free to comment below or reach out if you’d like more information.

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