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Marketing Hub Enterprise

Product Value Proposition

Marketing Hub Enterprise gives sophisticated marketing teams more control, greater flexibility, and deeper integrations - all without making life more complicated for you, your team, or your customers. HubSpot’s unique combination of power and ease-of-use makes it delightfully efficient to accomplish incredibly complex marketing as you scale.

What's NEW in Marketing Hub Enterprise?

Get a product rundown on what's new in 2020 from Product Marketing Manager, Ari Plaut

Why Marketing Hub Enterprise?

To learn why a prospect should choose enterprise, watch the Partner Exclusive below for extensive product training:

Marketing Hub Enterprise helps you push the boundaries and build value in new ways:

  • Always easy to use, now with Enterprise Power: HubSpot’s unique combination of power and ease-of-use makes it delightfully simple to accomplish incredibly complex marketing. You’ll get all the enterprise functionality your business demands, but with an intuitive design and simple to manage platform that anyone can use.
  • Scale marketing across borders, brands, and any other dimension: with features like multi-language content, multiple currencies, and location-based analytics. Plus, partition the database, content, workflows, lists, subscriptions and reporting across different business segments using teams.
  • Tailor HubSpot to the most advanced use cases. Flexibility to mold HubSpot to any advanced needs with tools like single sign-on, advanced team hierarchies, custom teams, and more.
  • Build sophisticated reports. Create custom event funnels, report on the data, build advanced revenue attribution reports, and more. Plus, access all the data in every system with seven new APIs.
  • Advanced marketing features that support scale. Automate optimization with machine learning. Create a better buyer experience by programming custom bots. Control content by restricting it to certain audiences. Run experiments with email using multivariate testing. Target the most valuable contacts using predictive lead scoring.

How to Demo Marketing Hub Enterprise?

We have three "demo like a pro" trainings below for Revenue Attribution Reporting, Partitioning and Marketing Hub Enterprise. Watch each below:

How Does the Pricing Work?

Marketing Hub Enterprise costs $3200/month with 10k contacts included. For more information, visit our pricing page.

Customer Fit

Marketing Hub Enterprise is designed for companies with complex campaigns, systems, and teams. You need software that helps you connect the dots between your internal teams; multiple marketing campaigns, contacts, and content; and your customer’s experience with all of it.

As companies scale, departments grow in size, scope, and location. These teams often work independently to be more productive, and while this separation is helpful for innovation, it creates disorganization for the internal teams that manage content, workflows, and campaigns. Even worse, that disorganization can manifest in a disjointed customer experience. 

Instead of relying on people to keep it all straight, eliminate the option of human error and rely on tools that can keep up with your growing teams. Marketing Hub Enterprise can be set up to match your organization, and it lets you draw clear lines on different teams' access, activities, and results. Ideal customer size is in the 200 - 2,000 employee range with sophisticated marketing needs.

Hear how New Breed Marketing had success getting large enterprise customers using Marketing Hub Enterprise.

Things to look for:
  1. Economics / Scale: Companies with a Large Database: at approximately 50,000 contacts, it makes financial sense to buy Enterprise.
  2. Organizational Complexity: Multiple marketing teams: If you’re org has multiple teams you need to keep separate, you’ll need enterprise partitioning. Multiple brands: If you want to manage multiple brands within one account, you need enterprise workspaces to effectively manage both of those within one account.
  3. ABM: Target customers usually expect powerful ABM functionality that is flexible. This can often be a leading indicator of a good fit.
  4. Revenue Attribution: Target customers usually expect advanced reporting and the ability to tie marketing tactics to real revenue impact on the business. This helps teams get credit for their work and make better decisions around marketing investments.
  5. Security: Companies who need Single Sign On to manage users and software stacks will be a perfect fit for Marketing Hub Enterprise.
  6. SaaS Business: If their company is a software company and wants to perform marketing actions based off how your users use their software, they’ll need enterprise custom events in Marketing Hub Enterprise.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Tips from Partner Experts

Do you need ideas to start going to market with the revamped Marketing Hub Enterprise?

Take a look at this video from our partner experts at Digital 22 on how you can wrap services around the tool, and how to start selling it right:

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