HubSpot Enterprise

HubSpot Enterprise

The insights you need to scale your marketing

Intelligent tools for powerful marketing

Sophisticated marketing teams need intelligent tools to inform their campaigns. HubSpot Marketing Enterprise includes features like predictive lead scoring, contacts reporting, and event-based segmentation to power up your marketing with data.


Show the ROI of your marketing with revenue reports

Understand where to invest your resources by tracking which of your marketing efforts generates revenue for your organization.


Know which marketing efforts drive conversions with attribution reports

Find out which content is most valuable for driving leads, customers, or any other conversion in your funnel. Use the results to guide your team's focus.

Attribution Reports
We do a lot of testing with our emails – will an image work? Will this title perform? Do we need to add a different Call-to-Action? And the A/B Testing is a vital part of this.

Find the leads that are most likely to close with predictive lead scoring

Get automated predictions of the lead scores for all contacts in your database. Then create a workflow to alert your sales team if they own a lead with a high score.

Predictive Lead Scoring
[Our 11x increase in conversions] was only possible through dedicating time to creating content and testing.

Manage your entire online ecosystem with multiple domains

Host, track, and build your full suite of websites and subdomains from a single HubSpot portal.

Multiple Domains

Analyze every segment of your audience with contacts reports

Build custom reports about your contacts and learn how to tailor your marketing to different segments of your audience.


Trigger actions based on visitor behavior with events

Use events to understand your visitors' behavior, trigger nurturing workflows according to a lead’s actions, and keep your sales team informed about what their prospects are viewing.

Events Reports
Where are people clicking on our homepage? Where are people clicking on these product pages? Are they going where I hope they're going? And what do we need to change in order to increase conversion at all of these different points. We never did that before, it's huge.