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Marketing Hub Enterprise

Marketing Hub Enterprise is the all-in-one suite designed to support sophisticated, scaling businesses -- so you can customize your software to fit your organization’s needs, not the other way around.

Marketing tools for scaling teams, without the complexity.

Scaling companies often have large, distributed marketing teams that run a high volume of marketing activities touching many contacts. With such complexity in team structure, systems, and strategy, how are these companies expected to keep it all straight and deliver a great customer experience?

Marketing Hub Enterprise is designed for companies with complex campaigns, systems, and teams. You need software that helps you connect the dots between your internal teams; multiple marketing campaigns, contacts, and content; and your customer’s experience with all of it.

If that sounds like you, read on to hear more about the challenges companies address using Marketing Hub Enterprise.

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    As your business grows, so does your team. Your marketing software must grow along with it.

    As companies scale, departments grow in size, scope, and location. These teams often work independently to be more productive, and while this separation is helpful for innovation, it creates disorganization for the internal teams that manage content, workflows, and campaigns. Even worse, that disorganization can manifest in a disjointed customer experience.

    Instead of relying on people to keep it all straight, eliminate the option of human error and rely on tools that can keep up with your growing teams. Marketing Hub Enterprise can be set up to match your organization, and it lets you draw clear lines on different teams' access, activities, and results.

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    As your teams grow, there’s more of everything to manage -- more content, more leads, more email. Marketers need more control.

    Scaling companies have more of everything to manage: more leads, more content, more emails.

    The one thing you don’t have more of? Control.

    You need to be able to manage who sends email, and how often emails are sent. You need to be able to continually optimize a wide breadth of assets without manually running tests for every little thing. You need to be able to easily report on performance for all of your campaigns.

    Regaining control over such a sophisticated marketing program requires the advanced features of Marketing Hub Enterprise that support your scale.

Marketing Hub Enterprise helps you get organized, stay efficient, and scale.

Marketing Hub Enterprise was designed for organizations with complex needs. There are all the core features you expect from your marketing software -- marketing automation, email, blog, landing pages, social tools, etc. -- plus more features specifically designed to help you manage a large, growing team with many assets, contacts and campaigns.
Here are just a few:
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Additional Reporting Capacity
Create up to 200 custom reports across any data set, and share them across your entire team with support for 25 additional dashboards.
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Social Permissions

Maintain brand control by enabling draft-only permissions, and limiting who can publish content on your behalf.

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Email Frequency Safeguards

Maintain the health of your database and your brand by limiting who can send email, and when.

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Analytics Filtering
Create analytics segments by country, domain, or URL structure.
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Password Protected Content

Enable restricted viewing access to published website pages for specific contacts in your database, so you can deliver premium content like videos or case studies to only the people who need it.

Tied-up pack of paper illustration to indicate content partitioning feature
Content Partitioning

Give the right people easy access to the right content by segmenting your blog, landing pages, and website pages by team within your company.

Shopping bag with green check mark above it to indicate additional domains
Additional Domains
Maintain multiple brands, domains, or product lines with ease by collapsing them all into one portal. You can work off of just one analytics view, host additional domain names, and limit domain publishing to specific teams.
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Ongoing Optimization
Use advanced machine learning to continually and automatically test and optimize assets, like CTAs and emails. No more need for manual test set-up or measurement.

Personalized service to ensure your team's success

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Work one-on-one with HubSpot experts who understand your business, your challenges, and your goals. Choose from an array of marketing and technical services that precisely fit the needs of your team.

Enterprise Onboarding

Get started with Marketing Hub Enterprise 40% faster than any competitive offering, and work with dedicated HubSpot professionals to achieve your marketing objectives.

24/7 Customer Support

Gain a direct line to our word class HubSpot Support team through phone or email. Get the answers you need quickly so you can get back to what’s really important -- closing deals, serving your customers, and growing your business.

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  • We merged several marketing applications into HubSpot, which became THE application of our marketing operations. It seamlessly mapped our inbound strategies with its different modules, and the entire marketing team was speaking the same language.

    Luque W

    Director, Marketing

  • The email service is superior to everything on the market. Better metrics. More intuitive user experience. And the added benefit of blogging and social media scheduling, along with incredible service, make HubSpot one of my favorite vendors. HubSpot offers a better product by every measure, and treats us like we’re their most important customer.

    Bradley B.

    Online Marketing & Social Media Manager

  • A performing all-in-one tool for all your web marketing tactics and strategies linked to a powerful CRM. Calculating your marketing ROI is now easier than ever with HubSpot Marketing Hub.

    Evens S

    Inbound Marketing Account Director

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