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What's New in Operations Hub?

Below are some of the latest improvements and releases in Operations Hub:

Operations Hub Free, Starter & Professional

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Value Proposition

For operations teams that want to spend less time fighting fires and more time driving strategic business value, Operations Hub supercharges HubSpot CRM with a suite of tools that makes it easy to connect, clean, and automate your customer data. Unlike siloed data tools, Operations Hub combines an ops team’s full toolkit into a CRM platform, uniting all your customer data on one connected platform. The result: a more efficient, aligned, and agile business, an unhindered and strategic ops team, and a friction-free customer experience.

Operations Hub Packages Available:

Operations Hub is available in two packages: Operations Hub Starter and Operations Hub Professional. Below is everything you need to know about each package.

  • Integrate the essentials with the free version of Operations Hub. Get 500+ integrations, including 30+ powered by HubSpot Sync. Features include:

    HubSpot Sync

    • Two-way data sync 
    • Default Field Mappings 

    Ecosystem Integrations

    • All 3rd Party Integrations 

    Good-fit clients:

    Has more than one SaaS application they have integrated, or want integrated.

  • Integrate everything with Operations Hub Starter. Get everything included in Free, plus:

    HubSpot Sync

    • Custom field mappings for data

    Good-fit clients:

    • Has a diverse tech stack
    • Uses custom properties
    • Requires segmentation
  • Automate everything with Operations Hub Professional. Get everything included in Free and Starter, plus:

    Programmable Automation:

    • Custom Code Actions in Workflows and Bots (programmable actions)
    • Webhooks 

    Data Quality Automation

    Additional Portal Capacity 

    • Additional Reports 
    • Additional Lists 
    • Additional Workflows

    Good-fit clients:

    • Technical resources on staff or available
    • Large and expanding tech stack
    • Custom processes

Key Resources

Here are some of the best resources for selling Operations Hub

"Overwhelmed Ops" Persona:

One key persona for Operations Hub, is HubSpot's new 'Overwhelmed Ops' persona. Below are some details to keep in mind with this persona, and how Operations Hub can help them.

Overwhelmed Ops is a specialized ops professional in either marketing ops or sales ops at a 50-100 person company. While their title indicates specialization, they get pulled into fires across all go-to-market functions.

They’re in charge of setting up tools and systems, building process, and running reports. Their goal is to help their business run smoothly: to make better decisions, to do jobs more efficiently, to make things run better.


  • Set up and organize data and systems for sales, marketing, and/or service; enable operators to use them effectively (awareness, training, best practices, etc.).
  • Implement and maintain processes, including data hygiene and cleansing, annual planning, compensation, disputes, policies, handoffs, notifications, and more.
  • Create, distribute, and analyze insights to department leads, execs, and board. Run reports and models, and pull strategic business takeaways.

Today's operations teams are underwater. They feel:

Dragged down by tech debt:

Ops is  drowning in legacy processes and systems, trying to dig their way out of inherited tech debt.


Ops teams work separately. Their tools, systems, and processes are disconnected, so they spend their days reinventing the wheel. 

Siloed teams and siloed tech lead to siloed influence. They either report through a single go-to-market function — which forces them to do that leader’s bidding — or to an ancillary function (e.g. IT), which gives them no leverage to impact change and bogs them down with cross-team politics.


Ops is constantly losing the battle with their to-do list. They receive asks from all levels of the company, and don’t have enough hands to keep up. They’re doing busywork, not building strategy; focusing on “run-the-business” not “change-the-business.” They feel like a bottleneck, and sometimes want to share the load, but aren’t sure how to do so in a safe and scalable way.


Their job is transactional, and their impact on any given project is small and “invisible.” When things go right, nobody notices. Their company doesn’t understand their true value and strategic potential.

  • Creative problem solving
  • Being an objective “check and balance” for go-to-market teams; playing “chief diplomat.”
  • Improving other people’s routines; making things more efficiently.

Key Features to Highlight:

  • All in one / ease of use
  • Custom objects
  • Integrations
  • Customizable, out-of-the-box reports
  • Security features (SSO, permissions)
  • Scalability (limits)
  • Operations Hub features such as custom coded actions in workflows and other programmable automation, data quality automation, and data sync.
  • Webhooks

Qualifying Your Customers

  • Install Base: already a HubSpot customer - using multiple hubs, such as Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub or CMS Hub. Ideally they're a multi-hub customer.

    Workflows: has 20+ workflows, and might have workflows across 2+ objects (Contacts, deals, etc.). The might be using webhooks action in workflows or custom code actions in bots.

    Systems: has used data cleansing tools in the past

    UX: experiencing issues with messy data that is disrupting their internal processes, reporting and even their marketing, sales and service teams.

    Tech Stack: has multiple systems, tools and integrations (or wishes to).

    • Has a diverse tech stack
    • Uses custom properties
    • Requires segmentation
    • Technical resources on staff or available
    • Large and expanding tech stack
    • Custom processes
  • To start, you can ask yourself about the prospect or client:

    • What applications are they using that they'd like to sync?
    • Is the application they want to sync supported by Operations Hub? Check the list of apps, and if not, ask your channel account team if it's on the roadmap.
    • What information do they need to be passed from that application to HubSpot? In this question, you're looking to understand which HubSpot object (contact, company, deal, ticket, call) they're looking to sync.
    • Is the object supported? If not, reach out to your channel account team. 
  • Listen for automation use cases:
    • Repetitive actions that currently require manual intervention.
    • The need for logic - If X happens, then Y should happen (Triggers and Actions - Think Zapier.

    If that logic is not possible with a standard workflow action thenthis sounds like a great use case for custom code workflow actions.

    • Provide a high level demo and reference knowledge base articles
    • Set them up with a trial if necessary
    • Showcase some use-case examples
    • If you do not have the resources to develop custom coded actions, find a partner in the ecosystem who offers this service on a project basis. 
    • Consider, not how to code the solution but how to represent the data in HubSpot (Objects, Segmentation, Reporting)

    If you hit a roadblock and need support, reach out to your channel account team.


Demo Resources for Operations Hub

Watch the below videos to see how to demo some of the key features in Operations Hub. Additionally, make sure you navigate to your demo account to check out the latest features.

Remember, you can demo Operations Hub using your Demo Account. To learn how to access your demo account, visit this resource page.

Building workflows into our demo environment is technically challenging, and we’re actively working on this. For now, we advise building your own workflows within your demo account using this step by step guide to setting up programmable automation. In addition, you can leverage some screenshots of workflows which are linked in the document above.
Finally, you can take a guided demo tour of Data Sync in-app, right here (and share with clients).
Demo Resource Page

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