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Curate your HubSpot data into approachable collections to save your ops team time, and enable fast, easy, consistent reporting.

  • Save your ops team time by easily running your own reports

  • Calculate values directly within reports to get deeper insights

  • Sync your HubSpot data to Snowflake

  1. Regain control over your data.

    As your business scales, your data proliferates. It gets harder for business users to build reports, and they’re forced to lean on ops teams to answer one-off requests. The result: slow and inconsistent reporting, and a reactive ops team struggling to stay afloat.
    With datasets in Operations Hub Enterprise, ops teams can curate data into clean and consistent collections, which users can then use to create reports. Ops teams can save time and have control over their data; and business users can get faster, easier, and more consistent insights.

  1. Align around the right data.

    As your company grows, your CRM database grows, too. New data unlocks new opportunities for personalization. But it can make building reports harder for everyday business users.
    With datasets, ops teams can pre-select the most important properties for every internal audience, so every team can create their own reports based on the most relevant data.
  2. Calculate new metrics for deeper insights.

    Your customer data speaks for itself. But sometimes, a bit of mathematical prowess can surface even richer insights.
    Calculations in datasets help you unlock deeper perspectives. Derive information like time to first conversion, sales cycle speed, email engagement rates, sales commissions, profit margins, and more — directly within your reports.
  3. Build beautiful custom reports in seconds.

    With curated data and crafted calculations in tow, every business user is empowered to create their own reports and dashboards.
    Using your dataset as a starting point, build compelling reports quickly and easily in the custom report builder, available in all Professional and Enterprise editions in HubSpot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The key to great reporting is the data that powers it. Operations Hub is all about data. It connects, cleans, and curates customer data, which makes powerful reporting possible. Datasets are the “curation” piece — they enable you to create collections of data that serve as jumping-off points for reporting.

    The feature that actually builds the reports — the custom report builder — is available in Professional and Enterprise editions across all HubSpot products.

  • Datasets can include any data that’s stored in HubSpot's AI-powered Smart CRM — contacts, companies, deals, custom objects, sales activities, behavioral events, and more. Datasets cannot pull tables directly from third-party data sources.