"HubSpot has become the backbone of our acquisition by providing insight throughout the buying journey."

Discover Breezeway's startup success story.
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    Meet Ben, Director of Marketing at Breezeway

    This Boston-based startup is helping property manager to deliver the best experience to guests, tenants, and homeowners.

What is Breezeway?

Breezeway brings operations and service optimization software to the property management space. Combining deep learning technology, robust property data, smart messaging, and mobile-first task management, we make it easy for managers to deliver the best experience to guests, tenants and owners.

Created by the founder of FlipKey (acquired by TripAdvisor), the Breezeway team is using 75+ years of industry experience to build the future of property care.

How does your company think about growth?

Like many B2B SaaS companies, we think about growth as it relates to revenue generation and market positioning. We use metrics to measure the following on a monthly basis: are we finding cost-effective ways to acquire new customers? How long does it take a lead to convert into a paying customer? Are we optimizing conversion rates through each stage of the sales funnel?

What are your growth goals for the next year?

We are hoping to:

  • 3x annual recurring revenue
  • 4x properties on the platform
  • Maintain negative net churn

How did HubSpot help you to achieve those goals? 

"HubSpot has become the backbone of our acquisition by providing insight throughout the buying journey."

At the top of the funnel, we leverage HubSpot’s landing page builder, SEO planner, and connected ad accounts to execute content-forward campaigns and capture leads.

We catalog these leads in our HubSpot CRM through scoring, dynamic lists, and workflows, and customize campaigns that fit their persona and lifecycle stage. Sales qualifies each lead, creates an opportunity with an associated dollar amount, and then leans on calls and reminders to push each deal over the finish line.

What is the most valuable aspect of HubSpot?

The deal board, because it’s given us visibility into conversion rates from SQL through close. The amount of revenue we bring in next month is predicated on the number of deals we create this month, which makes it important to monitor the sales funnel closely. Filtering by deal property lets me track pipeline growth, identify stagnant deals, and keep our teams accountable.

What is your advice to other founders who struggle to prioritize marketing and sales?

I think this depends on the company’s business model and growth phase. 

"For software companies trying to 3x revenue (or more), it’s a no-brainer to quarterback sales and marketing through a CRM. I’ve tried five different solutions, and HubSpot has my vote."

Not doing so can feel like a chicken running around with its heads cut off. Sure, you might be able to ship top-funnel campaigns out the door, but monitoring and iterating those initiatives will be challenging, and handing leads off to sales will cause headaches.

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