"HubSpot has helped us build out a sales system with clever automation and excellent support!"

Discover Thea Health's startup success story.

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    Meet Harry, Founder of Thea Health

    This San Francisco-based startup is modernizing communication in healthcare.

What is Thea Health?

Thea Health's mission is to modernize communication in healthcare. Our software platform empowers primary care physicians to securely ask specialists questions ahead of treatment decisions and gets both the primary care doctor and specialist reimbursed by insurance companies for doing so. On average each one of these consultations improves access to specialty care by 59%, lowers the cost of care by $541.

We focus on growing through existing PCP and specialist relationships which has allowed us to launch our product in California, Pennsylvania, and Washington across a diverse array of healthcare environments.

How does your company think about growth?

We want to grow aggressively to improve our healthcare system while being thorough and thoughtful about patient privacy and healthcare outcomes. In order to align these two goals, we focus on making sure Thea Health's growth is directly linked to improved collaboration within local provider communities. That way our customers become evangelists and can help us expand within their existing networks.

What are some of your greatest achievements since founding your company?

We are most proud of the impact we've been able to make on people's lives. We have increased target clinical quality measures by 23%. On the individual level, this has looked like doctors catching a tumor early or getting a sick patient specialist advice months earlier than they otherwise would have.

"During the height of the pandemic, we were able to get specialist advice to primary care offices and even had our work mentioned in the New England Journal of Medicine."

How did HubSpot help you to achieve those goals?

HubSpot has helped us build out a sales system with clever automation and excellent support!

"HubSpot has helped us find new users, track progress, and stay engaged with our existing customer base."

What is the most valuable aspect of HubSpot?

Sales sequences and automation have been extremely helpful.

"HubSpot's intuitive design required little implementation to get a robust sales system off the ground."

What is your advice to other founders who struggle to prioritize marketing and sales?

"Your product can only change the world if you can find people to use it."

That said, what works for one company doesn't always work for your company to ask questions and listen to your customers, they have all the answers.

Be your own success story.

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