"HubSpot helped us automate our sales and marketing cycles as one whole unit."

Discover UBITS' startup success story.

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    Meet Martha, Co-founder of UBITS

    This Y Combinator startup is "the Lynda for Latin America."

What is UBITS?

UBITS is a corporate online learning platform focused on training based on bits–small training units created by industry experts.

Our purpose is to instill lifelong learning, creating content that educates, transforms and inspires Latin America.

How does your company think about growth?

Growth has to be realistic and measurable. At UBITS, we focus on having monthly goal metrics.

What are some of your greatest achievements since founding your company?

We were thrilled to be one of the companies accepted by Y Combinator S18. We also raised nearly $2.5 million in seed funding and we earned more than 200 courses in less than 6 months.

How did HubSpot help you to achieve those goals? 

HubSpot has helped us achieve all of our big goals by giving us the ability to automate our sales and marketing cycles as one whole unit. Previously, we handled a lot of sales information through Excel sheets or other CRMs, but because of that, we didn't have the capability of creating a global strategy. Since HubSpot, we have been able to fully track our leads from the first interaction they have with us through becoming customers.

"It's amazing having a source of truth for marketing and sales."

What is the most valuable aspect of HubSpot?

The workflow tool has been fundamental in our automatization process, enabling us to focus on the strategy part of the business rather than on operational tasks.

By gathering all our lead information in one single place, we can create automated processes to nurture these leads. Plus it helps us direct our sales team. The workflow tool allows us to encourage our sales reps to include all relevant information for each new client that other teams at the company need, like customer success and finance. And together, we can close a deal.

What is your advice to other founders who struggle to prioritize marketing and sales?

If you are meeting with prospects and don't have a strong sales strategy, you are never going to grow and achieve your plans. You can have a wonderful product, but a company without cash and customer feedback isn't going to be successful. I believe the most important thing is knowing your clients, your market, and how your sales machine is going to work.


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