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Collection of approved in-house modules that HubSpotters can use in the HubSpot CMS.

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Add content to a page which you can then expand or collapse.


Provides space to add the agenda items for any event

Book a Meeting

Provide prospects flexibility in scheduling time to speak with a HubSpotter.


Enhance page navigation with the customizable Breadcrumbs module


Allows you to navigate within a long page more easily.


Co-Marketing Logos

Place up to four logos next to each other in a thin full-width page section.

Countdown Timer

Create interest and buzz around an upcoming event or deadline.


CTA Cards

The cards contain a space for an image, title, description, and optional CTA button.


CTA Cards - Product Logos

Highlight details about a specific HubSpot product or offer with these CTA Cards.


CTA Content Block

Draw attention to a final call-to-action for your page.


Feature List

Showcase the offerings of a single item or compare the features of multiple items.

Featured Snippet

SEO-optimized snippet of information that plays well with Google's scrapers.

Fixed Secondary Navigation

Sticks to the top of your page and provides a collection of useful links.



Add a MarTech approved form directly to your page.


Full-Width CTA

Add one or two CTAs with description allowing visitors to take action.


Full-Width CTA Card

Highlight details about a specific product or offer, and then add a CTA.

Google Maps Location

Add locations for events to your page with this Google Maps module.


Create interactive data visualization graphs to delight and share insights.

Logo Carousel

Display several corporate logos.


Multi-Column Content

A versatile way to add up to 4 columns of content to a page.


Multi-Row Media with Rich Text

A versatile way of showcasing imagery with accompanying captions.


Highlight interesting and distinct data points.


Page Header - Brand Graphics

Add a strong introductory statement and brand styled header area to your page.


Page Header - Form

Place any existing MarTech form alongside the Tagline/Header/Description content block in the headers, to help drive conversion.


Page Header - Photo

Pair you page header with a powerful image to create a striking first impression.


Page Header - Product Screenshot

Use this module to display a product screenshot from the very top of the page.


Page Header - Splash

Create a visually stunning full-screen campaign headers with branded background shapes using our Page Header - Splash Module


Page Header - Video

Pair your page header with a video to create a captivating first impression.

Photo Gallery

Display a collection of photos on your page.


Pop-Up Modal

Grab attention and provide a call-to-action for further engagement.

Promo Bar

The Promo Bar highlights a newsworthy mention or an upcoming event, with a CTA to learn more.


Introduce team members, authors, speakers, or other noteworthy individuals.

Rich Text

Looking for flexibility? Rich Text can stack all your content!

Section Header

Introduce content sections on a page with a title and description.

Single Image

Illustrate something meaningful related to the pages content.


Slide-In CTA

A CTA that slides into view as the user scrolls.

Social Buttons

A collection of social icons to link HubSpot-owned social media accounts.


Cross-reference information in a way that’s easy to scan.


Add tabs on your page to group related content within the same page.


Display quotes from customers and partners to establish trust.

Video Gallery

Showcase a wide range of video content.