Revenue Share Legacy Policy for HubSpot Solutions Partners

This legacy policy page walks existing partners through the revenue share (commissions) changes announced at Partner Kickoff 2023.

Revenue Share (Commissions) Legacy Policy

Solutions partners help sell HubSpot software to solve for their clients, grow their services businesses, and earn Revenue Share. The Revenue Share (commissions) policy launched in 2010 and provided partners with 20% customer lifetime commissions. A lot has changed since 2010. When we rolled out customer lifetime commissions, HubSpot was a single-hub company. Since then, HubSpot has added four additional hubs and has become a connected platform. Although there have been additions of cross-sell commission in 2020 and up-sell from Starter in 2022, the Revenue Share policy hasn’t kept pace with these changes. To continue to invest in solving for the customer and the partner community, we’re making changes.

For information on the new policy, visit the Sales Rules and Solutions Partner Policies pages.

Introducing the Legacy Revenue Share Plan

Effective April 1, 2023, HubSpot is changing the duration of the Revenue Share (commissions) term for new MRR from lifetime to three years/thirty-six (36) months for deals closed on or after April 1, 2023. 

For Qualified Transactions closed before April 1, 2023, partners will remain earning Revenue Share until April 1, 2025 regardless of whether or not they are managing the customer as long as the customer’s subscription remains active.

Partners can also maintain Revenue Share after April 1, 2025
 as long as the customer remains an active HubSpot subscription and the partner continues to manage that customer, as designated by managed MRR credit. As a solutions partner, it’s important to understand how Revenue Share for Qualified Transactions closed before April 1, 2023 is impacted.

If a partner stops managing a customer after April 1, 2025 then starts managing them again, their commissions will not be re-instated.

Note: If a partner joined the program prior to February 21, 2023 and sold deals prior to April 1, 2023, they receive 20% commission on these deals until April 1, 2025. After April 1, 2025, if they continue to manage these customers, they will receive ongoing commissions. If they stop managing, the commission terminates. If a partner joined after February 21, 2023, all deals will be three-year commissions

Up-selling & Cross-selling
In general, if a partner sells starter to a customer prior to April 1, 2023 and then upgrades the same customer to professional after April 1, 2023, this qualifies for the legacy commission policy. In this case, the partner will continue to make commission on the deal until April 1, 2025 regardless of whether they are managing the customer, and HubSpot will begin monitoring managed criteria after April 1, 2025 — which is when the partner is required to manage the customer, designated per MRR managed credit, in order to maintain earning their commission. Learn more in the scenarios listed below.

Upselling does not restart the three year commission timeline. HubSpot will use the original sold date for the product line.

Because Sales Hub is a new product line, the partner will start making new commission for three years on that product from the sold date in July 2024 (until July 2027).I

Revenue Share Timeline

Legacy Timeline

Before April 1, 2025: For all deals sold before April 1, 2023, HubSpot will continue to pay 20% Revenue Share for two (2) years until April 1, 2025, regardless of partner involvement with that customer and provided the customer continues to use and pay for HubSpot Subscription Services.

On or after April 1, 2025: After April 1, 2025 partners can continue to earn 20% ongoing Revenue Share on Qualified Transactions where they are actively managing the customer (as demonstrated by managed MRR credit) and the deal was closed before April 1, 2023.

This means regardless of a partner’s relationship with their current customers, they will still receive 20% Revenue Share until April 1, 2025, as long as the customer remains an active HubSpot subscription. Starting April 1, 2025, partners must actively manage their customers, per managed MRR credit requirements, to keep earning Revenue Share on a Qualified Transaction. 

What is managed MRR credit?

Managed MRR credit is a measurement of the total HubSpot Subscription Services Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) value that partners are actively managing or servicing. It is determined based on the partner’s eligible activity within their customer's portal. Eligible activity is defined as active engagement with your customer's HubSpot products post login (e.g., creating and editing assets). 

How partners can earn managed MRR credit

1. Create a user on your portal and tag them as a Partner/Provider Employee
2. Assign the customer to your user, with customer’s permission
3. Have the customer create the same user in their account or do this with customer’s permission 
4. When the created user performs qualifying transactions in the customer's account, the partner will earn managed MRR credit

2023 Changes to managed MRR credit

We’re making a few changes to Managed MRR credit in 2023. 

• Because eligible activity is defined as active engagement, workflows will no longer count towards managed MRR, effective April 3, 2023. 

• Also effective on April 3, HubSpot is reducing the managed MRR window from 90 days to 60 days to offboard accounts that partners are no longer working with. This means a management or servicing activity has to take place at least every 60 days for a partner to maintain Managed credit. 

• Lastly, managed MRR now uses “real-time data.” This means there’s no longer a lag between a partner’s action in a client portal and what counts towards managed MRR. Managed MRR credit for partner activity will be reflected immediately in the partner dashboard. Learn more about earned MRR credit on the Knowledge Base.


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