INBOUND 2018: Product Announcements Recap

This week over 24,000 inbound professionals joined us from all around the world to learn, connect, and celebrate customer-centric businesses at INBOUND. We also gathered 2000+ partners at Partner Day at INBOUND. The partner community had the opportunity to preview the product launches and learn from their peers experiences in more than 60 unique breakout sessions.

This year, we had a lot of product launches to help marketing, sales, and customer success teams of any size grow better. Whether you're an agency getting started with HubSpot or you've used our platform for some time -- HubSpot’s new products are designed to help you and your customers grow better, and will grow with you as your agency scales.

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Introducing the HubSpot Growth Suite

Whether you’re just getting started or scaling up, the HubSpot Growth Suite is everything you need to start engaging with your contacts and customers at every stage of their journey. The HubSpot Growth Suite is available at Starter, Professional, and Enterprise tiers and includes Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub at the respective tiers.

When you purchase the HubSpot Growth Suite, you’ll also get a 25% discount off the total cost of the entire suite. Based on the edition you select, onboarding may be required.

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Create, Host, and Measure Video in HubSpot

Today, people gravitate more towards personal, authentic, and conversational videos. The businesses that match this change are the ones we pay attention to. But video strategy is dated, and our tools are incomplete. Growth through video can be transformative, but it won’t happen if you don’t match this change and bring video to your entire business.

HubSpot Video elevates video across your entire business. With it, your teams can execute a video strategy that matches how people consume video today. 

HubSpot Video will have specific capabilities included in Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub at the Professional and Enterprise tiers.

  • Marketing Hub: Marketers can now host and manage video files inside of HubSpot for free. Users can embed those videos into website pages, blogs, and social media channels with just one click, and add in-video CTAs and forms to make videos interactive. New landing page video analytics help maximize the impact of video in your marketing campaigns.
  • Sales Hub: Salespeople can build stronger relationships with prospects by creating, sharing, and tracking personalized videos right from the HubSpot CRM.
  • Service Hub: Service teams can help customers faster and more completely with personalized help videos created and shared directly from Service Hub. Agents can record their screen right from a ticket and send to customers, improving service and solving issues faster. Service teams can also host and embed videos in their knowledge base.

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What’s New in Marketing Hub?

Introducing the Massively Updated Marketing Hub Enterprise

The new Marketing Hub Enterprise gives advanced marketing teams more control, greater flexibility, and deeper integrations — all without making life complicated for you, your team, or your customers. There are more than a dozen new or improved capabilities in Marketing Hub Enterprise, including:

  • Teams - Organize the users in your HubSpot account on multiple levels based on teams, region, business unit, product line, or any other dimension. Teams is available to HubSpot Professional customers (limit of 10 teams), and HubSpot Enterprise customers (limit of 50 teams). 
  • Custom Analytics Views - Create analytics segments by the country of the session, domain or a specific URL structure. 
  • Membership-driven Content (Coming soon) - Restrict content access to internal audiences, paying customers, or other groups of people using HubSpot lists.
  • Email Frequency Safeguards (Coming soon) - Set safeguards to avoid over-emailing your contacts in a given time period. Easily allow high-priority messages to override your safeguards.
  • Continuous Testing - Automatically and continuously test assets like lead flows with a single click, no need to manually create multiple A/B versions and worry about statistical significance. Coming soon.
  • YouTube Integration - View detailed statistics on the performance of video content you've uploaded to YouTube.
  • Predictive Lead Scoring - Automatically score and rank leads based on their likelihood to close as customers, factoring in hundreds of behavioral, demographic, firmographic, and technology factors. The new Predictive Lead Scoring is 4x more accurate, and faster than ever to learn about your customer data.
  • Single Sign-On (In beta) - Enhance the security of your HubSpot account and gain more control over your team’s access by configuring a custom authentication provider. 
  • Custom Bots - Deploy useful bots that can assist with simple requests like surfacing relevant help documentation, routing inquiries to the right team, booking appointments, and more. Deploy custom code to handle virtually any type of inquiry. 
  • Slack Integration - Keep your team connected to your customers everywhere they go with HubSpot’s native Slack integration. Trigger notifications in Slack based
    off conditions and triggers using Workflows.

Marketing Hub Professional

Marketing Hub Professional has a number of new features to help you scale-up with automation and tailored experiences for all of your visitors.

In addition to HubSpot Video, here are some improvements to Marketing Hub Professional:

  • Company-Based Workflows - Run full Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns using Company-Based Workflows. Trigger actions based on the Company name within HubSpot CRM and see who is interacting with your content in reporting. 
  • Smart Content Reporting - Your visitors expect an experience today. So instead of creating a static, impersonal page, show them tailored content then measure how it’s performing all within HubSpot.
  • Custom Report Builder - With the custom report builder you can easily create a report on your contact, company, deal, and engagement data. A good example: see how much revenue has been closed from companies in a specific region, or from contacts generated through a certain marketing source. 

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What’s New in Sales Hub?

Introducing the New Sales Hub Enterprise

Sales Hub Enterprise gives advanced sales organizations all of the CRM and sales acceleration tools they need in a single package — all without making life complicated for you, your team, or your prospects.

  • Playbooks - Build a library of sales best practices and resources. Use rules-based automation to surface recommended content to your sales team, right inside of HubSpot. 
  • eSignature - Collect signatures on quotes and other documents right within HubSpot and speed up your sales process.
  • Approval Management for Quotes - Require approval for quotes that meet
    certain criteria, like percentage discounts.
  • Call Transcription & Recording - Let HubSpot conveniently transcribe any
    recorded call right inside your CRM.
  • Quota Management - Measure your sales and services team's performance on a granular level with period-based quotas and SLAs. 
    • Revenue Tracking - Manage recurring revenue and renewals right inside of HubSpot with improvements to revenue tracking and reporting.

In addition to the above, all of the platform capabilities, like teams, single sign-on, predictive lead scoring, custom events, custom property search, calculated roll-up properties, Slack integration, and more are also included in Sales Hub Enterprise.

Introducing HubSpot Conversations — Free Live Chat, Team Email, and Chat Bots in HubSpot CRM

Conversations is the universal inbox built for all sources and all teams. It brings together live chat, team email, and an easy-to-use chatbot builder to help teams communicate with prospects and customers at scale.

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What’s New in Service Hub?

Introducing the New Service Hub Enterprise

As your business and customer base grows, it’s natural for your service team to start to specialize. There might be a dedicated team for support, account management, premium consulting, and more. This helps your team scale and guarantees customers have the experience you want to deliver. But as your service team grows, you start to face unique challenges. How do you service a global customer base, how do you ensure security of customer data, and how do you maintain speed and flexibility with many teams in one tool?

Service Hub Enterprise is built to grow with your team. As you expand and specialize, the suite offers flexibility, security, and sophistication.

  • New Enterprise Features - New platform wide enterprise features like, calculated fields, custom bots, and teams, help your service team as it starts to specialize, offer new services, and expand globally.
  • Goals (In beta) - Give individual agents and teams the ability to report on metrics related to a specific customer goal, like response time, ticket volume, resolution time, and customer experience related metrics.
  • Health Scoring (Coming soon) - Gain insight into the health and happiness of every customer. Identify customers who are at risk of churning and need intervention and happy customers who you can leverage as part of promoter campaigns. 
  • Playbooks - Build a library of best practices and resources for your customer service team. Use rules-based automation to surface recommended content at the right time. Available now.

In addition to the above, all of the platform capabilities, like teams, single sign-on, custom events, custom property search, calculated roll-up properties, Slack integration, and more are also in Service Hub Enterprise.

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Introducing HubSpot CMS

We’re announcing the launch of HubSpot CMS, the first deeply-integrated CMS and CRM combination that will allow you to offer truly personalised experiences to your website visitors. It's available now for purchase as a standalone product or combined with any Hub. 

We believe this is a great opportunity for agencies. You can start offering website redesign or optimization services that can lead to bigger engagements in the future.

Once a lead is registered in your client dashboard, you can create a new HubSpot CMS account for them. You can then start designing and building the website, and your customer will be able to purchase the portal touchlessly when they're ready to take it live.

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Our team has been working hard to unify all the core tools your business needs to attract, engage, and delight customers in the HubSpot Growth Platform. We’re focused on making HubSpot a unified platform with included functionality and the best integrations so you can grow better in 2018, and beyond.