Introducing the New Marketing Hub Enterprise: Always Easy. Now Deeply Powerful.

When it comes to marketing software, you’ve always had to choose between consumer-grade ease of use and enterprise-grade power. But shouldn’t the best tools have both? We think so too. Say hello to the new Marketing Hub Enterprise. Plus, learn how you can win a free trip to Nashville to get consulting on the new features straight from the expert, Nicholas Holland.

The Ultimate Trade Off

We used to spend hours of our time picking out just the right mattress at the store. Now, we can order one to our home in under 10 minutes. Rather than try on frame after frame, we can try on glasses from home with AR and make an order at the tap of a button. Companies everywhere have taken the complexities of our everyday life and turned them into simple experiences. 

So when it comes to marketing, why are we still using clunky, complex, and time-consuming solutions? With the marketing automation tools on the market, there’s always a trade off between consumer-grade ease of use or enterprise-grade power. So, we play it safe. This means overpriced, overly complicated, and under-utilized tools that cause us to spend more time on systems than our customers.

You’ve always had to sacrifice productivity for power. But shouldn’t the best tools have both? We think so too. That’s why we’re bringing this combination to life with the new Marketing Hub Enterprise. Because when you focus on delighting your customers and creating great experiences instead of managing your software, you’ll grow better.


Get to Know the New Marketing Hub Enterprise

The new Marketing Hub Enterprise makes revenue attribution reporting, team management, and adaptive testing delightfully easy. Get the power and flexibility scaling companies need to succeed, with a user-friendly interface that you’ve come to expect from your software. New and noteworthy features:

  • Revenue attribution reporting built for real people, not data scientists. Show your customers the impact of your marketing services. 
  • New partitioning for lists, subscriptions, and dashboards making access control straightforward. Better manage customers at scale, whether they're a franchise business or have multiple brands. (in beta, contact your CC for access)
  • Adaptive testing that optimizes conversion paths using AI, sending traffic to your best pages over time. Save your agency time and bring more value to your customers, faster.
  • Account-based marketing to help sell to your target accounts and close high-value deals. Execute targeted marketing campaigns that create delightful customer experiences for your clients business. (in beta, contact your CC for access)
  • Higher capacity for workflows, lists, reports, and more so you and your customers will never outgrow HubSpot. The only limit on your marketing efforts is your imagination.

Long story short: The new Marketing Hub Enterprise gives advanced marketing teams more control, greater flexibility, and deeper integrations. All this, without making life complicated for you, your team, or your customers. Ready to get started? Find out more about how to qualify customer fit, demo these new features, and position the product competitively against other enterprise solutions. 


What Do Nashville and Marketing Hub Enterprise Have in Common?

You. Marketing Hub Enterprise is now positioned to serve complex enterprise customers, who need HubSpot partner expertise to deliver on their behalf. This is a huge opportunity for partners. In fact, this launch is so big, we’re flying one partner to Nashville, Tennessee to meet with our Marketing Hub General Manager, Nicholas Holland. Get face-to-face consulting on the product, and if you’re lucky he might even show you around the historic city he calls home.

Now for the details. Starting January 9, we’re running a partner contest to share the new Marketing Hub Enterprise with your network of customers and prospects. It’s simple: share Marketing Hub Enterprise content we’ve put together (like a LinkedIn post) or create your own (like a blog post about the new features), and earn points. The partner with the most points wins. 

  • Grand prize: A trip to Nashville, Tennessee for face-to-face consulting with our Marketing Hub General Manager, Nicholas Holland. (travel and lodging included, meals excluded)
  • Second place: Three deal assists from Nicholas. Have a customer or prospect who needs a bit more convincing on Marketing Hub Enterprise? Nicholas will get on a call to help you get them over the finish line.

Win or lose, boost exposure across your network by being part of the conversation and help customers grow better. Nashville awaits. Get the details and start sharing now.


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