Get in Sync With the PieSync Fundamentals Certification

We’ve packed all the fundamentals of PieSync and bidirectional syncing into one certification, so you can make sure your contact databases are always connected and all your customer information is in one place. Take the PieSync Fundamentals Certification to learn how to set up your PieSync account and keep your data in sync.

Today’s average company uses over 75 pieces of software to power their business. With growing pressure to create a seamless, personalized customer experience, companies are hoping their software will help them do just that. But when the operation of a business is spread across countless pieces of technology, data gets out of sync and outdated fast. Companies need access to the right data at the right time, and that becomes nearly impossible to pull off with data scattered across individual business tools. 

While many businesses rely on trigger-based pushes to sync data, solutions like PieSync automatically sync customer data across tools, processing new and historical data in real-time. PieSync is always running in the background, so you have access to the most up-to-date customer information, no matter what.

Back in November 2019, HubSpot announced the acquisition of PieSync. As a no-code solution to align data between your applications, PieSync helps you focus on strategy and execution, rather than on technicalities. By bringing PieSync together with HubSpot, you can now get a consistent view of your customer data across hundreds of different apps and devices.

Interested in getting started with PieSync? Take the PieSync Fundamentals Certification to learn how to set up PieSync effectively, keep your data in sync, and how it fits within HubSpot’s product offering. Plus, all HubSpot users can now set up a PieSync account within HubSpot to start your infinite syncs between apps. 

Start the Certification

As a solutions partner, you’re also eligible to sync between your partner account and any app for free. Start syncing here. We’ve added the most popular PieSync integrations into our App Marketplace, and you can see the full list of integrations available on the platform here.

Over time, we’ll be integrating the PieSync technology more tightly into the HubSpot platform, offering our customers an even more powerful and seamless solution to integrate customer data from the numerous apps and tools they use every day. If you’re interested to learn more about PieSync from HubSpot, you can learn more here.