Product Insights from INBOUND 2019

Learn about all the product updates and announcements from INBOUND. 

Another INBOUND is in the books. This year, thousands of HubSpot agency partners traveled to Boston to hear the latest and greatest about inbound and HubSpot’s products. I know that not everyone can make it every year, but that is not a problem. I’ve compiled some quick recaps to help you navigate all the product announcements (including pricing updates) and some helpful content you can share with prospects and clients.


First, if you missed our product spotlight, you can read our blog on all the product announcements right here. Feel free to share this with prospects and clients.

HubSpot’s SVP of Product, Christopher O’Donnell, unveiled new product improvements, including some noteworthy callouts such as the new App Marketplace, attribution reporting (coming soon in beta), and company and contact deduplication. Watch the recording of his spotlight here.

To help you bring all this news to your prospects, clients and teams, I’ve compiled a slide deck highlighting all the product updates from the event. Download the PDF and slide deck here. Use this to inform and guide your clients on all things new in HubSpot from INBOUND 2019.

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Redesigning Sales Hub Professional & Marketing Hub Starter

We’re adding new features and functionality into Sales Hub Professional and Marketing Hub Starter. With more value comes new pricing and opportunity.

What's New?

New features like eSignatures, calculated properties and the ability to seamlessly create a buy-now button are about to be added to Sales Hub Professional. We’ll also be moving features such as landing pages and form followup emails into Marketing Hub Starter.

What's in it for me?

Anyone on Sales Hub Professional will now have access to a new set of features at their current price. Net new Sales Hub Professional portals or upgrades will lock in the current price until November 1, 2019. Any seats you currently have remain at the price you initially bought them for. Net new seats will be purchased at your current price, but will increase to $100 in early 2020. Now is a great time for clients to add more users at their current price or to upgrade clients to Sales Hub Professional before the price increases.

Anyone on Marketing Hub Starter will soon see two new features added, come November 1, 2019. After that date, prices will increase for additional contacts, but you can lock in your pricing before then. Now is a great time to get prospects started with Marketing Hub Starter before prices increase.

There is a lot of opportunity to close more business and grow your agency. Reach out to your Channel Account Manager to discuss incentives between now and November 1, 2019.

Why the changes?

With more value, comes new pricing. HubSpot is continuing to invest in Sales Hub Professional in big ways. Since it was first introduced at $400 two years ago, Sales Hub Professional has already gained features like Teams, Multiple Currencies, Multiple Pipelines, Snippets, Required Fields, automation improvements, Products, Quotes, Rules-based Scoring, and dozens of smaller enhancements. And in the coming months, Sales Hub Professional is going to get even better as we add in improvements to Sequences, and bring in features like eSignature and Calculated Properties.

We’re bringing landing pages and form followup emails into Marketing Hub Starter to make it a more complete toolset that competes with comparable solutions. With landing pages in Marketing Hub Starter, it becomes an incredibly sticky toolset for customers and will open a natural path to upgrade.

For information on legacy policy, read this page. We’re ensuring it’s a smooth transition. For information on the changes, you can watch a video overview, read this PDF or reach out directly to your Channel Account Manager or Channel Consultant.

Overall, it was an inspiring and energizing event. I’m incredibly proud of HubSpot for focusing on product improvements based on real customer feedback. The conversations I had with partners were invigorating and I’m ready for another year of growth with each and every one of you. Let’s grow better together in 2019 and beyond.

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Justin Graci, Sr. Marketing Manager - Product Enablement

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