Book a Meeting

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The Book a Meeting module allows you to provide prospects more flexibility in scheduling time to speak with a HubSpotter, rather than submitting a traditional form.

Feature Checklist
  • Multiple variations
  • Smart
  • Modal friendly
  • CTA(s) included
  • Image capabilities
  • Video capabilities
  • Uses HubDB
  • Requires additional help
Use Cases

The Book a Meeting [SG] module allows a convenient way for prospects to book time that works for their schedule in order to speak with a HubSpot representative.

This module is fully smart, meaning it will display the calendar information for the appropriate representative. There is also the option to specify a fallback form option that will replace the Meetings app content if the visitor's rep information is not known.

  • Variations
    • Embedded: Meetings app appears within the content of the page
    • Modal: Meetings app appears within a modal, hidden behind a CTA to open the modal