COS Form

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The Form is used to gather information from a visitor so that you can communicate with them at a later time.

Feature Checklist
  • Requires additional help
  • Multiple variations
  • CTA(s) included
  • Image capabilities
  • Video capabilities
  • Smart
  • Modal friendly
  • Uses HubDB
Use Cases

Forms are out-of-the-box options within HubSpot, and the information you collect will create or update Contact records within the tool as well.

They are great for capturing information from prospective customers who visit your site and would like to learn more. They act as a "gate" between the visitor and the opportunity to gain access to more relevant information about a subject.

If you have questions about the available form fields, which ones to use, and if you would like to create your own form — please contact Marketing Ops!

  • Things to know
    • Forms and form fields within portal 53 are managed by Marketing Ops
    • Please contact a member of that team before adding/updating any form-related details within the portal