Feature List

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The Feature List module can be used to showcase the offerings of a single item or to compare the features of multiple items against one another.

Background options:
  • White
  • Light
  • Dark
Product 1
  • Available feature 1
  • Available feature 2
  • Unavailable feature 1
  • Unavailable feature 2
  • Unavailable feature 3
Product 2
  • Available feature 1
  • Available feature 2
  • Available feature 3
  • Unavailable feature 1
  • Unavailable feature 2
Feature Checklist
  • Multiple variations
  • CTA(s) included
  • Image capabilities
  • Video capabilities
  • Smart
  • Modal friendly
  • Uses HubDB
  • Requires additional help
Use Cases

The Feature List [SG] module is a great way to highlight the feature set of a given product or platform, bringing to light the important components that make it unique.

When paired with a similar or competing product, this module can be a powerful tool to compare the best aspects of one against the weakest aspects of the other.

  • Variations
    • The feature list will be displayed as an inline checklist for single product feature dumps (e.g. such as the "Feature Checklist" above).
    • The feature lists will be displayed in card format when comparing multiple products' features (e.g. such as the example module view above).
  • Things to know
    • This module has the ability to call out features that one product has (i.e. "available features") that the other product doesn't (i.e. "unavailable features").
    • The best implementation of the above is to maintain the same ordering of features, so that the side-by-side view is readable and clear for the viewer.
    • This module has the option for two links, one primary CTA button and a secondary CTA text link. Neither, either, or both can be used!