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The Interactive Flywheel provides a simple, interactive chart for visitors to learn about the flywheel methodology.

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HubSpot's Flywheel

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Earn your people's attention, don't force it. Attract visitors with useful content and eliminate barriers as they try to learn about your company.


Open relationships, don't just close deals. Enable buyers to engage with you on their preferred timeline and channels. Tie sales incentives to customer success not just close rate.


Tie your success to your customers’. Shift resources to be more effectively distributed throughout the entire customer experience.


Businesses grow when customers succeed. It’s as simple as that. If every team isn’t aligned and working to minimize friction for your customers, the whole company loses momentum.

Feature Checklist
  • Multiple variations
  • CTA(s) included
  • Image capabilities
  • Video capabilities
  • Smart
  • Modal friendly
  • Uses HubDB
  • Requires additional help
Use Cases

While this module was originally built for our flywheel page, this doesn't have to solely live there.

Clicking each segment of the flywheel will reveal a hidden description that you can use to add additional context to each stage of the flywheel. This module also comes prepackaged with translations for English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese, all changeable via a dropdown menu.

Give your visitors some educational and interactive elements to really make your page stand out!