Statistic Cards

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Statistic Cards are useful for highlighting interesting and distinct data points related to the topic of a page.

Background options:
  • White
  • Light
  • More than


    of visitors find this interesting

  • Statistics are


    more effective with descriptions

Feature Checklist
  • Multiple variations
  • CTA(s) included
  • Image capabilities
  • Video capabilities
  • Smart
  • Modal friendly
  • Uses HubDB
  • Requires additional help
Use Cases

Use these cards to point out statistics relevant to the other content on your page — "proof" that lends itself to the point you are trying to make.

It could be the percentage of traffic increase you experienced last quarter, or the number of leads you closed last month, or your growth multiplier from last year.

  • Character count
    • Limit stat to 3 characters, ideally (numbers like "1,000,000" don't fair well)
    • Limit optional top/bottom content to ~10 characters
  • Variations
    • Default: single row of up to 4 stat cards
    • 2x2: two rows of two cards each
  • Things to know
    • Optional: top/bottom text content
    • Small numbers work best (percentages, etc.)