Why do I need to reconfigure my DNS with HubSpot?

    In recent months, HubSpot has worked on improving the performance, reliability and security features of our content products such as the Content Management System, Blog and Landing page tools. In order for your account to take advantage of these improved features, we need you to reconfigure your DNS with us as soon as possible.

    If you need assistance making these changes, please contact our support team at 1-888-HUBSPOT (482-7768) ext. 3 and they will walk you through the changes over a screenshare.  

    1. Go to your Content Settings

    Go to Content > Content Settings.

    2. Click on the CMS Domains link

    Click on the CMS Domains link in the HubSpot Classic CMS Options.

    3. Find the listing for the www version of your site

    If your website was www.hubspot.com, you want to locate the part of the page that looks like this:

    4. Make the appropriate DNS changes on your name server

    Copy down the CNAME listed in the Status column after Please update your registrar to CNAME to. It will look something like 12345.webhost14.hubspot.net. Please note: Do not change your CNAME to 12345.webhost14.hubspot.net, the actual cname you will use is listed in your account.

    Then go to your domain registrar and point the domain name you entered in step 4 to the CNAME you copied in this step. After you've made that change, come back here to continue with step #5. 

    If you are uncomfortable making DNS changes on your registrar or have not done so before, please contact our support team for assistance. 

    5. Check back on HubSpot... anywhere from 1/2 Hour to 48 Hours

    If you go back to your CMS Domain settings, you'll see that your domain name is not yet connected and still has the This domain is resolving, but is pointed to the incorrect CNAME message. It could take anywhere from 1/2 hour to 48 hours to connect correctly.


    Refresh the page to check to see if this process is complete. When it is, it will look like this:


    If you have any questions about your domain setup, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance. 

    Extra steps to redirect your Top Level Domains to HubSpot

    If you are hosting your main website with HubSpot you should setup an HTTP 301 redirect from the root domain (http://yourcompany.com) to the to the primary for classic CMS pages domain name; typically the "www" domain (http://www.yourcompany.com). If you are unable to create CNAME records or redirects please contact our support team for assistance.