HubSpot Introduces the 2019 Partner Advisory Council

In 2017, we launched the first HubSpot Partner Advisory Council (PAC) to better communicate with our partner network, gather valuable feedback around our products and the Partner Program, and make improvements along the way. Thanks to the PAC, we’ve changed our process to partner communication and enabled better access to new products and beta features for our Gold, Platinum and Diamond partners.

The two PACs that represented North America and Latin America and EMEA and Asia-Pacific were so valuable to us that we are now launching six geo-specific PACs: North America, Latin America, EMEA, Australia and New Zealand, South-East Asia and India, and Japan. Each PAC will bring a fresh perspective to HubSpot’s agency partner program, and will act as a sounding board for the company as we continue to improve the program in the future.

“By introducing regional PAC groups, we’ll be better able to learn from and address the needs of our partners around the world,” said Katie Ng-Mak, VP of global partner strategy and operations at HubSpot. “I want to personally thank every member of our 2017-2018 PAC for the tremendous insights and ideas they brought to the program, and am excited to dive in with this new group of partners to see what we can achieve together in 2019.”

The new PAC members were selected through a competitive application process. Each application was reviewed by the senior partner program leadership team at HubSpot, taking into consideration the quality of the ideas provided by the partners as well as their tiers and tenure in the program.

Here are the new PAC members per region:

North America

Latin America

  • Market Veep (United States)
  • Bayard Bradford (United States)
  • GrowthPanda (United States)
  • Good Joo Joo (United States)
  • MeasuredResultsMarketing (United States)
  • 1406 Consulting (United States)
  • Groove (United States)
  • The Brit Agency (Canada)
  • Prism Global Marketing Solutions (United States)
  • TREW Marketing (United States)
  • OneFire (United States)
  • Flawless Inbound (Canada)
  • Nextiny Marketing (United States)
  • SmartBug (United States)
  • Media Junction (United States)
  • IDS SpA (Chile)
  • MKT4EDU (Brazil)
  • Triario S.A.S (Colombia)
  • Hint (Mexico)
  • Grupo Creativo Habla (Colombia)
  • Expresa3 (Mexico)
  • Impulse WSI (Peru)
  • Black and Orange Marketing Digital (Mexico)
  • HAL Company (Argentina)
  • InboundSoul (Brazil)
  • NA5 (Brazil)


Australia and New Zealand

  • markentive (France)
  • Digital22 (UK)
  • Six & Flow Ltd (UK)
  • MPULL (South Africa)
  • Avidly (Finland)
  • Babelquest Ltd (UK)
  • Zooma Marketing & Communication AB (Sweden)
  • storylead (Switzerland)
  • Noisy Little Monkey Ltd (UK)
  • leadstreet (Belgium)
  • Blend (UK)
  • Thought Leader Systems (Germany)
  • Heuvel Marketing (Netherlands)
  • ESM Inbound (UK)
  • Inbound Fintech (UK)
  • hype and dexter (New Zealand)
  • Synx (Australia)
  • Concentrate (New Zealand)
  • The Kingdom (Australia)
  • RANDEM (Australia)
  • g2m solutions (Australia)
  • Connect Labs (Australia)
  • Done by Friday (New Zealand)
  • Salted Stone (Australia)

South-East Asia and India


  • TransFunnel Consulting (India)
  • Oxygen Two Point Zero (Hong Kong)
  • Launchpad Marketing (Malaysia)
  • Gogo Partners (Taiwan)
  • Cipher (Thailand)
  • Niswey (India)
  • Grow Steak (Vietnam)
  • 24-7 inc
  • Turbine Interactive
  • ZUU
  • Sukedachi

The PACs will meet virtually every other month to discuss changes and updates to the Partner Program as well as provide feedback on product betas, partner tools, and partner engagement.

This press release was originally published on HubSpot's company news page.